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Good sleeper is nightmare away from home

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OuiOui Fri 18-Feb-05 15:21:09

Our 20 month old ds has been a great sleeper since 1 year old. he settles himself practically waves goodnight and is happy even if 3 year old sister makes noise.
However away from home he cannot sleep well. We go away quite often and he always sleeps in our pwn travel cot which he is familiar with and his sister takes the hotel one. (The state he got in when he was put in a hotel one - unimaginable terror).

The last few trips he has happily burbled away and taken about 10-20 mins to settle whilst we just ignored him and he went to sleep. However he cannot sleep through the night. he wakes around 3am and will scream to be let out which of course we do - it's 3am! but then he's tired and he can't settle in our nbed as thta's too exciting for him - he'll crawl around playing for another hour but be really grumpy and will eventually collapse again. anyone else experience this?

We love going away but I always dread the fatigue and the tension this creates in our room.

This weekend we're actually taking his cot mattress and outting it into the travel cot - hopefully will help but we can't take it onto the plane for the long haul holiday in March!!!

Not expecting any miracle answers just anyone have the same - when do they settle out of this?

Chuffed Fri 18-Feb-05 15:55:58

Is there anything smaller you could make a habit in his cot such as a soft toy or cot bumper that would be easier to adjust to when travelling. Also what about practising at home in his travel cot. Sorry no experience of this ourselves.

HappyMumof2 Fri 18-Feb-05 18:38:52

Message withdrawn

OuiOui Tue 22-Feb-05 14:12:30

sadly ds2 has no dou dous and vehemently denies any attempts to give him a toy. His cot is empty empty empty. he has a nice cosy cot bumper and a mattress and that's it.
The weekend was definitely better than previous times so the mattress definitely worked untill the mornign 5am ish but then he woke up for about 1hour and ripped my head apart and fell asleep on our bed (luckily kingsize). we convinced/threatened dd1 to stay in cot then we all slept until 10am !!! ah bliss. yes you saw it here first - 10am!!!

oh btw, our dd1 has a veritable zoo and other things in her messy bed so strange?

duvet Tue 01-Mar-05 13:21:51

Hiya my dd now nearly 2 doesn't sleep as well away from home either unless it's in a proper cot and has her own dark room. We went camping last year and hotel more recently. As it was so light when camping I put camping poles in 2 corners of the travel cot and attached a large sheet over it to make it really dark and cut out visual distractions - did something similar in hotel but she was more aware of our presence and popped her head out, but it did help quite a lot. Not sure what we'll do this year! You have my sympathy!

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