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How many layers have you got your babies in at night now?

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IHeartIona Mon 25-Aug-08 22:31:07

I'm wondering if my dd sometimes gets a bit cold at night. She is currently wearing a sleepsuit and a 1 tog sleeping bag as our bedroom is currently 21 degrees C when I put her to bed. What have you got your babies in? My dd is 5 months.

hf128219 Mon 25-Aug-08 22:34:12

My dd (7 months) is wearing little pyjamas in a 2.5 tog bag. Our house may be a little cooler though. Thermometer says 18 degrees or so.

sleepycat Mon 25-Aug-08 22:35:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GentleOtter Mon 25-Aug-08 22:36:52

Ds (14 months) is wearing a vest, babygro and in a 2.5 tog bag. Our bedroom is about 14 degrees tonight.

IAteDavinaForDinner Mon 25-Aug-08 22:37:26

DS wears a vest and long sleeved tee like sleepycat's, in his cot he has a flannel sheet and 2 or 3 thin fleece blankets, and later he comes into bed with us. He was only in a vest with sheet and blanket until last week, but much colder recently and therefore waking up in a grump lots.

HeinzSight Mon 25-Aug-08 22:37:28

DD is 11 months and is wearing a vest and a summer sleeping bag.

RedHead81 Mon 25-Aug-08 22:39:04

DS1 (age 3.8) is in PJs and under a duvet
DS2 (16wks) is in vest, sleepsuit and 2tog bag - or (when bag is in wash) a doubled over sheet and a doubled over cotton mothercare blanket

They say to feel back of neck - if you think she is a little cold, you could just add a single layer sheet.

RedHead81 Mon 25-Aug-08 22:40:58

gentleOtter, how is it only 14degrees?
thats cold - we have had windows open all day and it is 19/20degrees now with windows still open

GentleOtter Mon 25-Aug-08 22:43:28

It is pretty cold here just now and though we have a fire on the bedroom is always between 13 and 14 degrees.

IHeartIona Mon 25-Aug-08 22:45:45

thanks all. will try a thin sheet or blanket on top when I go to bed if it feels cool in the room where her cot is (end of my bed so nearer door and drafts).
better not feel the back of her neck for fear of waking her up!

RedHead81 Mon 25-Aug-08 22:50:51

Ah - gentleOtter - apologies - just read where you live! Brrrr!

GentleOtter Mon 25-Aug-08 22:55:06

lol. We are used to it but it can get freezing in winter.

NotAnOtter Mon 25-Aug-08 22:56:59

sounds idyllic gentleotter 'fire in bedroom' open fire?

GentleOtter Mon 25-Aug-08 22:59:55

The fire is an open one but downstairs. There is a fire in the bedroom but the chimney is dodgy. I think that is why it is always cold.

NotAnOtter Tue 26-Aug-08 00:14:20

how cosy it sounds!

PortAndLemon Tue 26-Aug-08 08:02:57

We have a very hot flat and DD is in a T-shirt/vest and 0.5 tog sleeping bag most nights. On the odd colder night I put her in a 1 tog sleeping bag instead, and at my mother's (a cold house) a 2.5 tog bag.

pinata Tue 26-Aug-08 10:26:34

my DD (8.5 months) has always hated the slightest whiff of a draught or any cold, so sleeps in a vest, body suit, sheet folded into 4 and a big blanket folded into 3

this seems like a lot, but we have experimented with less and she always wakes up snuffling in the middle of the night and gets restless. this way she sleeps right through without a peep

i think babies vary - if you think yours is cold try an extra layer

Seona1973 Tue 26-Aug-08 13:00:16

what they wear depends on the temperature of the room - ds's room dips a couple of degrees during the night so I always take that into account when I dress him for bed i.e. I dont dress him for the current temperature but for a degree or so lower. If the room (at bedtime) is 18-21 degrees he goes in a bodysuit, sleepsuit/pj's and 2.5tog bag. If it is 22-24 degrees he goes in a sleepsuit/pj's and a 1tog bag. If it is 24 degrees+ then he goes in a 0.5tog bag with whatever level of clothing I decide e.g. shirt sleeve bodysuit, shortie pj's, etc

bumpto3 gives a info on what to put on your lo depending on room temperature.

CrushWithEyeliner Tue 26-Aug-08 13:03:12

it depends on tha baby - mine was always so cold to the touch even in layers. I would wrap her in a vest and bodysuit plus sheet and blanket and this would suit her, my friends babies were little fireballs even in winter

elkiedee Tue 26-Aug-08 13:17:06

ds 15 months is in a vest and usually pyjamas but sometimes a babygro at the moment. He has a blanket in his cot but it doesn't stay on him. Our bedroom's generally fairly warm. And in winter I'll put him in a babygro though I think since he'll be around 18 months (in November) we should be looking at getting him a quilt (over 12 months) as sleeping bags are sometimes advised against for children of the age he'll be then.

Seona1973 Tue 26-Aug-08 13:22:53

my ds is still in a sleeping bag at 22 months. They make them up to age 10 so can't be that bad for older children/babies!!

elkiedee Tue 26-Aug-08 15:33:25

I wouldn't think there'd be any problem for children over toddler age with sleeping bags. What I've read suggested a risk specifically for kids of an age to get out of bed still in the sleeping bag and try to get around. Maybe it's just pfb paranoia on my part! But I think we'll also have to beware of overheating him as much as him getting too cold, until he can totally control his own bed coverings/clothing needs and tell us if he needs help.

IHeartIona Tue 26-Aug-08 18:04:48

thanks all and thanks Seona1973 for the link!

pudding25 Tue 26-Aug-08 19:39:49

My dd is also in a sleepsuit and 1 tog bag. At the moment, her bedroom is about 21.6 degrees. If it drops to just under 21, I put a vest on her too.

UniS Thu 28-Aug-08 23:11:08

boy has almost always had sleep suit or pjs and 2.5 tog sleeping bag and a blanket. summer or winter he seemed to like it ( in winter I added a long sleve vest) and would wake middle of night cold in less. NOW hes 2.5yr and goes to bed in pjs sheet and 2 blankets, some mornings i find him on top of bedding, some hes still tucked in. I think he just likes japanesse style cozy sleeping. I do too.

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