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Ds nightmare sleeper went till 8am this morning what bliss!!!

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moocowme Mon 25-Aug-08 19:33:23

OMG my DS 11mo who has not been very good at sleeping due to teething has managed to sleep until 8am this morning and the last couple of mornings it was 7:30. and this with yet another tooth just cutting through in the last day or so.

normally 5:30-6am would be a lie in on a good day but suddenly all has changed. the only thing I have done differently which seemed to work weirdly enough was get some foam and roll it up and stuff it in a pillow case and wedge it beside DS so he did not roll under DH who sinks the bed down a bit. DS used to flop around quite a bit at night so I decided that perhaps this wedge thing might work since it gave him a good nights sleep on the first night and it has!

so now if he sleeps with us or in his cot he has something wedged in on either side and he is sleeping like a dream. or maybee he is just getting better at sleeping naturally.............................

moocowme Mon 25-Aug-08 19:36:10

going back to work next week so that will be the end of lie-ins still 6:30 will be way better than 5am.

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