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Early rising toddler - aaaargh...any advice (sorry bit long)?

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freddiemed Fri 22-Aug-08 13:54:34

Ds who is 2.5 is currently going through a (very long) phase of waking up in the morning between 5 and 6am - usually around 5.30 but has been as early as 5.10 shock. He climbs in to our bed and then fidgets and starts jumping on our heads etc. Have tried (only once admittedly) to take him back to his bed saying it's still night time etc but he just had a major tantrum and then woke up our 7mo dd. Anyone got any advice or is this just another phase that hopefully he will grow out of (before he is 18)?

nowirehangers Fri 22-Aug-08 14:10:37

I'd keeping taking hin back and if he wakes dd so be it - better than though it will be hellish for a few days than him continuing long term. Much sympathy early mornings are hideous. With luck it'll get better as nights draw in. BTW not a v long message at all grin

freddiemed Fri 22-Aug-08 16:16:11

Thanks, I know that's the thing to do really but it is just so hideous to deal with tantrums so early in the day!
(I know, it just looked really long when I was typing it blush)

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