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Fran1 Wed 16-Feb-05 22:49:32

I really shouldn't tempt fate, but i have to share this with you all, and for those of you going through sleep probs to see there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

I have joined in a few discussions here, at my wits end with dd aged 2 and the fact we spend up to two hours getting her to sleep (she will not let us out of the room, and stays in very light sleep so wakes whenever we try and creep out) and then four hours later normally gets up and into our bed anyway!!

But the last two nights, i have read her three stories, and then kissed her night night and walked out of the room and she has stayed in her bed and gone to sleep!!!!!!! i am so excited, for the first time in two years me and dp have our evenings back.
She did actually get back up tonight once i had gone downstairs but that was to take her nappy off, did a poo on potty and then called me to wipe her bottom!! Then she happily got back into bed sang twinkle twinkle and off i went again.

So to those of u who are having same probs as us, there maybe a solution for you which doesn't involve tears/tantrums/door shutting etc! As i was watching on Little Angels the night before wondering if i should resort to that.

Just had to share my joy!

Evesmama Wed 16-Feb-05 22:50:35

how wonderful..its such an achievment isnt it!!!

beansontoast Wed 16-Feb-05 22:51:23

that must feel fantastic!im dreading my ds getting too big for his cot!!

suzywong Wed 16-Feb-05 22:54:57

Good for you, it is an big achievment

dramaqueen72 Wed 16-Feb-05 23:30:56

congrats fran!!!! may it long continue!!
my dd2 (2omths)still doesnt go to bed early but at least shes in bed now, she has never slept, and if she did it was with us. and i have been there, -crappy sleepless ENDLESS nights, feeling awful, stupid stupid advice from people who dont have a clue, reading all the books, feeling guilty like i was to blame some how... so when i a) stopped b/f
b) put her in a toddler bed
and c) tried night-time milk
and she SLEPT THRO
i nearly died with amazement.
shes very good, if she does now wake, it is just a 30 sec vist frome me to pass milk/straighten blanket, and in less then three minutes shes asleep again. and will sleep til 9.30am if we're not on the school run!!!!!!
I hope both she and your DD sleep VERY well for always from now on!
the only trouble now is me, after so many nights of so little sleep i find it hard to go to bed until late...or even early !LOL

Fran1 Wed 16-Feb-05 23:37:03

You sound just like me!

Only gave up b/f few months ago (and yes i think that is where the probs lay)
Moved her into big girls bed at 15mths cos she refused to sleep in cot.
And yes i bribe with bottle of milk (which i hate seeing with toddlers buy hey it works!)
And she too gets up in the night and into our bed but goes straight to sleep so i can deal with that.
And we too have difficulty getting up in mornings!! i work p/t and she had just started pre-school so i am terrified of over sleeping, we are used to not getting up until about 9am also.
But for months i have considered using one of the harsh techniques like holding bedroom door etc but i kept putting it off telling myself soon she will be old enough to reason with words rather than causing upset. And its true! Shes very much into being a grown up girl now - has grown up knickers, dresses herself like a grown up etc, so it just followed on i kept telling her she could be grown up now and stay in bed on her own and she did!! I did tell her i'd buy her a present the next day, and a 28p pack of sweets satisfied her. lol poor child.

Yes heres to hoping it continues for both of them.

dramaqueen72 Wed 16-Feb-05 23:46:19

oh my goodness sounds exactly like our house!!! i also put dd in a toddler bed at 15mths, and i just KNEW it was the b/f that was holding it all up, so had to quit that too. also bribed her with bottle (she calls it her booby cup LOL, as b/f she called booby milk!!) and I HATE toddlers with them, but got desperate too!
dh kept saying we would have to do controlled crying but i couldnt, kept saying when shes older and we can reason, it will all be fine........
phew, not just me then.
dont suppose your dd is called Mollie is she?{wink}

Fran1 Wed 16-Feb-05 23:48:52

LOl no shes not Mollie,

But she does laugh at my boobies now when she sees me in the bath, she pretends to go to have a feed, and then rolls her head back laughing saying no they are for babies!!

The classic was when she announced loudly that mummy's booby was broken.

They were both things i used to do to try and talk her out of it!

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