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anyone moved their lo back from a bed to a cot?

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kbaby Wed 20-Aug-08 18:21:02

We moved DS from a cot to a bed 4 weeks ago, however since then he wont settle. We try different things and they work for a few days but then he goes back to not settling again.

At first he wouldnt go to sleep in his bed so we let him sleep in our bed and then moved him once he was asleep, that worked until he started to get out of our bed and stopped settling in our bed. So we then stopped him coming into our bed and put him in his own bed, he was fine for a few nights and if he woke we could settle him back down but thats not working either now.
We are now at the stage where we are putting him to bed and he is constantly getting out, we are putting him back with no talking , however this is taking us up to 2 hrs to get him to actually stay in bed and lots of crying only for him to wake after 2 hrs and we have to do the whole thing all over again.
We are getting approx 4 hrs broken sleep a night.
I cant see what else we can do to get him to stay in his bed. He can go to sleep on his own so its not a sleep association problem.

We are thinking about putting him back in his cot so at least we wont have the 'getting out of bed problem' and maybe he will go back to sleeping well. Dont know if its a good idea or not though. he is 2yrs

any advice welcome

jeee Wed 20-Aug-08 18:52:54

When my DS turned 2 we put a bed in his room. We left the cot there, just so that there was less pressure. DS slept in his bed for two nights before getting back into his cot. He remained in his cot, refusing all bribes to sleep in his bed, until he was nearly 4. But he was sleeping, we were sleeping, so does it matter?

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