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5 month old waking himself every hour at night... Help?

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Paranoid1stTimer Wed 20-Aug-08 10:40:08

My little boy had got into a really good sleep routine sleeping from 8pm - 5am, having 4Oz formula, then sleeping again until 8am ready for the day.

Now, at 5 months, he has started to thrash around in his sleep, lifting his legs over the top of the crib (he is going into a cot soon as he is HUGE), taking his dummy out in his sleep then waking up crying. When I put his dummy back in he falls back to sleep but his wee hand slowly wanders up and takes the dummy out again and he wakes up crying with his mouth open looking for the dummy. He used to put his dummy back in but now pulls dummy out and chews his fingers in his sleep which also wakes him up.

He is teething really bad just now so has some Calpol before bed.

Also, sometimes I wake up with his thrashing around and when I look into the crib, he is sound asleep with both hands in the air waving around as if he is trying to hold his bottle or trying to reach out for someone. Eventually this wakes him up.

He goes straight back to sleep every time but it is his waking himself up every hour during the night that is the problem. My OH starts work at 6:30am and really needs his sleep so we have just got LO a cot and will put him in the next room to sleep asap (I am worried as he is not 6 months yet but it is not fair on OH to have his sleep disturbed)..

Any advice? The PUPD baby whisperer technique works fine but as soon as he is back asleep, his wee hands start flailing around again and he wakes himself.

Also, he hates being swaddled now and just wakes himself trying to get free of the swaddling blanket...

Sorry for long post....

mears Wed 20-Aug-08 10:42:23

Put him in his cot now - sounds as though he needs the space and therefore may not wake himself up.

I had the cot in my room initially - do you have space?

Paranoid1stTimer Wed 20-Aug-08 11:28:32

Thanks for the reply

Nope - we have to slide back against the wall style to get round the crib as it is. We have a tiny house...

Cool - that actually makes sense I suppose. Some relatives were saying he wont like the space in the cot but maybe it is the fact that he can reach out and hold onto the crib bars and feel the bumpers that is waking him up... Too much stimulation maybe?

I'll see what happens after a few nights in his cot then. Hopefully he will enjoy sleeping on a proper mattress too!

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