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need tips for getting ds to sleep

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bruhaha Mon 18-Aug-08 17:19:55

ds is 11 months old and it's a fight to get him to sleep. He won't nap during the day - it's a fight everyday unless he sleeps in the car or out in buggy (scottish weather doesn't allow for much buggy walking) and normally wakes up as soon as he is in house. Night time is terrible will only go down if he is being rocked and we need to wait a good 30 mins after his eyes are shut or he wakes up as soon as he hits the mattress. He normally wakes up twice during the night as well. Was up at 5.15 this morning luckily i went to bed at 8.30 last night so wasn't too bad. It's making me and dh snappy.

We bought no cry sleep solution book and have been trying it for 4 days - in know it takes longer than that to get them into a routine but don't understand how this book will work. Has anyone else tried it? or do you have any tips?

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