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6mo waking lots, i know theres nothing wrong, shall i leave to cry? if so.. how?

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alright Mon 18-Aug-08 13:10:31

previously had a good sleeping thing going all by himself, then the last week been waking up crying and ive tried everything and nothing works, he just wants to look around the room and laugh and coo. he rejects feeding, will take a bit of water but still cries when i put him down or leave the room, he has a clean nappy, doesnt take a dummy he sucks his thumb, have given bonjela and calpol for teething still cries. im pretty sure he just wants company and to play, obviously its not playtime at 3am so what to do? thanks in advance.

alright Mon 18-Aug-08 22:03:00

bump, please help me fix my routine as i aint got a clue what im doing..

9am solids
11.30am formula, takes 5oz
inbetween 12pm and 1pm a 30/40min nap
1.30pm solids
4pm formula another 5oz
generally another nap between 4-5pm maybe an hour long.
6pm solids
8pm breastfeed then bed

would like it to be sleep until 8am, but it has been

1am-3am waking constantly to play, bad i know but i breastfeed him in order to get him to go back to sleep, most times he doesnt take it and when he does he still cries.

some sleep between 3am-6am then waking and crying all over again until a quick half doze hour before 9am

gagarin Mon 18-Aug-08 22:05:25

Not enough milk in his diet?

It looks as though he only has 3 milk feeds in 24 hours? That is very few IMO.

gagarin Mon 18-Aug-08 22:10:27

ASnd I think you should prob get up at 6-7am and see that as the beginning of his day.

So that would be

6-7am Get up and have milk feed


8-9am breakfast solids plus offered milk afterwards

11.30-12md lunch solids followed by milk


3-4pm milk feed


6pm solids

8pm breast & bed

11-12md dream feed

up at 6am for another day!

alright Mon 18-Aug-08 22:11:15

what should i be doing then, i havent a clue. i end up feeding him another twice in the night so its usually 5 milk feeds in 24 hrs. he never finishes his bottles and mostly only has a quick boobie.

alright Mon 18-Aug-08 22:15:00

6am seems early!!!

gagarin Mon 18-Aug-08 22:15:47

xpost - it's when the day starts that sets the rest of the day up.

I had one dd who got up and 6-7am every morning - and then her sisiter got up at 5.30am so that was worse! Very tiring.

BUT once we were up the day slotted into a better pattern because the sleep was beter overall.

Hard to explain! Anyone esle got a view?

Catilla Mon 18-Aug-08 22:17:10

Have you ever tried waking him for a feed before you go to bed? Around 10-11pm? Sometimes this top-up just helps them get through a bit longer.

Alternatively if he doesn't even want food in the night you could try leaving him to make some noise for a couple of nights, he may cry himself back to sleep?

alright Mon 18-Aug-08 22:19:12

8pm-8am would be nice.

gagarin Mon 18-Aug-08 22:19:23

Well it might be early but I do genuinely think that that time between 6am and 9am which you see as part of his night is actually his morning - so it is not surprising he can't get bakc to sleep.

And as you're not getting the sleep anyway at that time with his fudding I would bite the bullet and get up.

It'll change the timings of your whole day but may well help. You may still get the nap at 9am too.

Denny185 Mon 18-Aug-08 22:21:08

If your happy with the timings of your day why dont you try offering more milk to start with and then if that dosent work consider starting your day a bit earlier.

gagarin Mon 18-Aug-08 22:21:09

fuddinghmm - I meant fussing!

yes 12 hours would be nice - but very rare. LOADS of babies of his age aren't doing 12 hours - and never will!

alright Mon 18-Aug-08 22:49:36

i will try an early morning milk feed, sounds like a plan!

gagarin Tue 19-Aug-08 18:33:31


Did you try something different?

Did it make it worse blush?

Or just different?

Or (fingers crossed!) a bit better?

What ever happened I hope you both survived!

alright Tue 19-Aug-08 19:24:57

he did get up at 2.30, but i got him up at 7am today and fed downstairs, hopefully it'll be a marker that feeds dont happen upstairs anymore. we had a play and some porridge and went back to bed at 10. the rest of the day has been the same so far, i think tonight will reveal if getting up early has made any difference, i am hopeful!!

gagarin Tue 19-Aug-08 20:29:36

let's hope so grin

gagarin Wed 20-Aug-08 21:10:33


Denny185 Wed 20-Aug-08 21:36:22

Well, what happened?

alright Fri 22-Aug-08 18:51:13

lots better! thanks for the advice, its worked a treat. even better is that my partner is getting up at 7am to do the first feed. he is going thru til 7 apart from a few small pipsqueaks when he wakes and settles himself back down. cheers!

gagarin Fri 22-Aug-08 21:38:07

Very pleased for you - esp the bit about dp doing the first feed wink.

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