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How to get DS to settle himself during the night?

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TheNinkynork Sun 17-Aug-08 21:14:46

He is 15 months old, BF and goes ballistic unless I let him suckle back to sleep. I've had some success putting him down drowsy but awake for naps and after his bedtime routine but he seems completely unable to transfer these skills to night wakings. He can scream for hours unless he gets what he wants. Naps and bedtimes only involve a bit of whinging.

He gets his core sleep before we go to bed at night with maybe one waking and BF back to sleep, but when we come in he insists on coming in with us and using me as a dummy all night on and off. (Won't take an actual dummy)

It doesn't help that he doesn't have his own room. The HV suggested CC and made it very clear that it would only work if we left the room. When I explained our situation she told DH and I to hide under the duvet hmm

My latest plan is to get an inflatable mattress for the living room, going cold-turkey on the night feeds and getting DH to go in periodically to reassure him. I'm so tired I can't see the wood from the trees. Any ideas would be great, thank you sad

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