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bedtime is a nightmare

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bhk3 Sun 17-Aug-08 19:33:30

my dd 6mo old doesnt settle down to sleep on her own at all. i've tried everyhting from control crying method to every possible way. but she still screams while bedtime & needs me to sush/pat. she needs a sush/pat even during her daytime naps or else she'll scream her head off. she wakes in the middle of night for feed & needs the same method for settling. i'm just worried if i cant get her sleep on her own than as my hv says things will get worse as she gets older. can anybody help me with this

yetihed Sun 17-Aug-08 19:45:28

Bloody HV! Your baby is still very small and it is perfectly normal for her to need sushing/ patting at this stage. In fact, if that's all she needs she's doing REALLY well and so are you! Keep it up! Look at some of the threads on here- many babies are still feeding to sleep at a much later stage.

It's not going to get worse as she gets older, because she is going to get OLDER not YOUNGER and understand MORE not LESS. She will gradually become more confident about going to sleep and if you can follow her signals of readiness then she will become more able to do so independently.

Sorry, your HV has made me a bit mad! grin

bhk3 Tue 19-Aug-08 19:52:31

thanks yetihed

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