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midnight waking with tantrum

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Babyramone Sat 16-Aug-08 22:32:35

My DD 23 months has always had wakening periods around midnight. She had colic and reflux as a baby and was never a great sleeper. However at the beginning of the year we tried controlled crying and it really worked.
That is until recently, we'd been on holiday (1st week august) and she woke up and got upset. DH went to her and picked her up and brought her downstairs hmm Not his best move.
Apparently she was asking for this

Now she's waking up every night and we are having major tantrums if we attempt to settle her. She actually made her self sick the last couple of nights. She's shouting and pointing indicating downstairs and takes her sleeping bag off.
If left in cot stands up shouting and sobbing whilst rattling cot side.

Any tips on how to get through this.
How do you do controlled crying if they don't calm down and start to settle.
We're being strong and she hasn't been back down but she's disturbing her brothers sleep (they share)and It can go on for hours.
Thanks I am so tired as is DH.

christiana Sat 16-Aug-08 22:51:14

Message withdrawn

Babyramone Sat 16-Aug-08 23:06:52

She continues to tantrum but I try and stick with it.
She still has a nap 1 hour 12.30-1.00. Used to be 2hours but I'vw shortened due to this and have also tried no nap but she seemed to the treat going down as her nap and wakes at 10-11ish then.
I'd wondered about night terrors. She does sometimes wake really upset before she comes to IYSWIM.
Will give some of your Ideas a go.
Thanks, good to know not alone.

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