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Oh God.... back to sleepless nights with my 1yo

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Madigan Wed 13-Aug-08 10:59:19

my dd was a horrenodous nightmare sleepwise for the first 4-5 months of her life, and I survived on a couple of hours sleep a night ..............nightmare.
Things then improved significantly, until the last few nights where we seem to have gone back to square one. The problem now is that she keeps crawling around her cot and cannot seem to get into a comfortable position to sleep. If I put her on her back or on her side then she will move again. She just keeps getting up onto all fours and screeching incessantly. ALL NIGHT LONG. what can I do???? Help!!!!She has just recovered from chickenpox ... is absolutely fine healthwise, no changes in food etc. I do not understand it.
Tonight I am going to try controlled crying (10 min intervals, no picking up etc) - which sounds brutal, but I am desparate. I am 8 wks pregnant with no 2 and literally on my knees with exhaustion.
Any suggestions???????

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