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5 month old started waking after 2-3 hours and then keeps waking

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IHeartIona Wed 13-Aug-08 09:30:48

Any ideas out there please? My dd used to sleep through from 8pm ish to 3-4 am but has now started waking crying at 10 or 11 pm (not needing a feed). We soothe her and she goes back to sleep straight away on the shoulder. She then sleeps for half an hour/twenty mins or so then wakes back up crying. I've tried feeding (she is EBF) and she still wakes up so don't think it is hunger. Perhaps teething? Please help!

IHeartIona Wed 13-Aug-08 10:17:16

Sorry, didn't finish as was interrupted by a visitor. She is showing signs of teething but is generally happy during the day with it - lots of chewing, dribbling etc. I will be introducing solids in around 3 weeks at 24 weeks and wonder if she might need them early. Or she also has a very rumbly tummy and I wonder if she is in pain at night with it. Please let me know if anyone else has had this and if they managed to solve it somehow. Thanks!

mears Wed 13-Aug-08 10:20:39

When she first wakes I would offer her a feed to be honest (not sure from your post whether you are doing that). She may well be going through another growth spurt and needing to up your supply.

Lots of chewing and dribbling at this age is normal. Babies go through an oral phase where they 'feel' with their mouths - it is not a sign of hunger.

Stick to your plan of waiting till 6 months to start solids (26 weeks).

gingerninja Wed 13-Aug-08 10:24:58

4-5 months is a classic time for sleep going bad. Probably down to hunger (feed her if she's got a rumbly tummy then it sounds like she could be hungry.) it's also a key developmental stage where they're learning more and more and I found my DD was always more wakeful at these key times ie crawling, standing etc. Also teething. They move around under the gums apparently before they cut. You could try her with a little calpol or something.

PS weaning makes no difference to sleep ime. They don't take on nearly enough solids for it to make any difference in the first few months of being weaned. Just keep feeding and you'll get through it.

Sorry it's so short, I should be working!

IHeartIona Wed 13-Aug-08 10:44:46

thanks mears, I have been offering a feed if she doesn't go straight back to sleep, so not always, but will try doing that straight away and see what happens.

thanks gingerninja - wasn't sure about the tummy it sounds like draining really so thought it might be trapped wind? DD has just learnt to roll onto her tummy so perhaps that is linked then. I also thought that weaning wouldn't make a difference, since as you say she won't be eating much at all to start.

thanks for your thoughts!

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