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Before sleep-walking comes...

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HunkerMunker Sun 13-Feb-05 23:56:19

sleep-crawling, sleep-sitting up, sleep-twizzling his grobag around himself...

DS is a good sleeper, when he manages to stay still enough to stay asleep. But he keeps waking himself up because he's sat up (tonight he'd pulled the cellular blanket we keep on the end of the cot to keep the draughts out over his head and looked like a cute little ghost, still fast asleep!), or he's up on his hands and knees rocking backwards and forwards till he gets to the end of the cot and bangs his head.

Or he turns onto his front, then back again, then onto his front again until his grobag is wrapped round him several times and he can't move at all.

He likes sleeping on his front now, but I do wonder if we have a future sleep-walker here?! What do you think? Is there anything I can do to get a better night's sleep?! He tends to go back fairly quickly (mostly...!), if he even wakes up, but if we leave him, he does get wide awake because he's so stuck! We used to co-sleep, but he prefers his cot now (when it doesn't attack him in the middle of the night!).

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