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dd bed at 8pm still awake at 10pm, any answers?

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hermykne Sun 13-Feb-05 22:01:02

dd is usually asleep within 15mins of her going to bed, after 1/3 stories in her room, after a wind down time, she naps once in the day at 12 for 1 and 1 /2hrs but recently is becoming ridiculous at night.

shes quite active all day, no choc or other sugary things or drinks. seems ok in her cot but then gets fed up and wants out . of course i dont lift her but am just wondering anyone else had this experience at 2 +4mths old?

up to nw shes been perfect at goingto sleep,
i dont think ds 6mths is the problem as hes in bed at 7, so she gets her time with us then.

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