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advice please on cutting down/dropping nap for 21/2 yo

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beforesunrise Sun 10-Aug-08 14:56:00

hello all. i never thought i'd come on here to ask for advice for my incredibly badly sleeping dd1, but here we are smile.

she is starting a montessori nursery at the end of september which has the incredibly inconvenient times of 1.45 to 3.30 until she turns 3 (thereafter she will go in the mornings). there is absolutley no flexibility, and tbh if it wasnt a lovely lovely nursery and an educational approach i strongly believe in i wouldnt even bother. but, having decided to go for it, i need to alter her routine.

at the mo she is napping wonderfully (she has never slept through, so she has needed a lot of sleep in the day up to now...) , goes down without a peep, in fact asks for bed after lunch, and sleeps 1.5 to 2 hours. now that we are on holiday in southern italy she can go 3 hours no problems. obviously she has a lateish bedtime and maybe less obviously she does struggle to go to bed in the evenings. anyway, once we are back in london i need to fit her naps into the new school hours, and i guess i have 3 options:
a) cut off her nap completely (i know many kids drop their nap roundabout this time anyway) b) try to put her down earlier and wake her up after 45 min or one hour before nursery or c) let her have a short nap after nursery and live with a late bedtime for a while longer.

which woudl you do? and how would you do it? thanks!

kbaby Mon 11-Aug-08 21:40:19

I would try and put her down earlier if you can manage it but my guess is she wont be used to an earlier nap and would resist it, so cutting it out completely may be the best option.

I have a similar issue with DS who will start afternoon nursery in sept. He will only go for 3 afternoons so i am hoping to cut his nap out and he can catch up on his non nursery days.

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