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DD not settling with DH, advice please x

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Mylittlebubble Sat 09-Aug-08 19:35:47

My Dh has always done the bath and bedtime routine. Our DD is 16 weeks old and sleeps lovely through the night (90% of the time!). Over the last 3 weeks DH baths, dresses and feeds DD before bed without any issue. Then upon winding and settling for bed DD gets a real paddy on! After 10-15 mintues I will go up and offer a hand. Even before she has left my DH hands she has settled and is in bed fast asleep within 5 minutes or less!!

Has this happened to any of you or do you have any advice as my understanding is it is too early at 16 weeks for her to be clingy to me?

Lucypearl Sat 16-Aug-08 21:30:34

My DD (12 wks) recently decided that when she is at all upset or tired she will not settle with anyone but me, especially not DH. She was fine with him before but now she screams the house down. Thought it might be as he works all the time so they don't get much quality time together but you say your DH baths etc so maybe it really is just a case of - when they're tired only mum will do?

My DH taking it v personally and it also means I NEVER get a break from DD now. Really hope it's just a phase!!

lou031205 Sat 16-Aug-08 21:38:28

It will change. My DD2 wouldn't settle with DH until I had given up breastfeeding, 5 weeks ago (she turned 1 this week). She associated sleep with my boob. Then she gradually has learned that she can comfort herself.

When she is tired now, she sucks her wrist. As soon as we take her to bed, she sucks her wrist. Now either DH or I can settle her. It is just her finding what comforts her that can transfer to daddy too. She is tiny yet!

gingerolivia Sun 17-Aug-08 20:03:56

see other subjects: bathtime going wrong... Hi I started this thread the other day as found ourselves in similar situation, our DD is 17 weeks and has just turned really clingy and DH upset etc! we have swapped things around for baths etc but basically I am now doing everything with DH having a cuddle when DD allows, hoping it will pass soon, you have our every sympathy, hang in there

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