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PLease Help, seriously loosing the plot!!

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elefantshoes Sat 09-Aug-08 11:37:48

My LO is 11mths old and has never been a great sleeper! We had managed to get him down to waking just once at night, around 4-5am, but it has all gone to pot again.
He has 8 teeth and has recently, in the last 4 wks, suffered with 2 consequetive(?sp) ear infections and a nasty virus. We are now struggling to get him to go to sleep at night, inevitably we end up lying on our bed with him til he drops off, he is then waking evry 2-3hrs screaming and standing in his cot. I know he doesn't need milk that often by a long shot but sometimes its the only way to get him back to sleep.
We have tried giving him water etc, tho we haven't done cc as my DH doesn't agree with it plus he is in our bedroom and we both work so at present not do-able.
Can anyone please offer some advice or help, we are really beginning to suffer

misi Sat 09-Aug-08 18:27:46


these always worked for my son. I don't understand or mostly believe homeopathy but they worked for us.

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