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12month old - still b/s, still waking often, still in my bed! the middle one I need to deal with...advice????

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bellbottoms Sat 12-Feb-05 20:37:09

My ds spends the evening in his cot - I get in it! when he wakes, I take him into my bed (about 11pm), and then he wakes every couple of hours, with a 'long wake patch' for about an hour or so at 3-4am, until waking properly at 7am- each time being boobed to sleep. but he cries so if I don't feed him, and would threw up if I let him cry... I don't mind him being in my bed (though eventually...) Will he eventually just 'sleep through..'?? He does sleep more the more wine i've had - pour me another glass!(I'm also by myself, so can't try and give him to someone else to settle..). I 'm too tired now he's been ill for over 2 weeks and waking he been soo frequent..

lilybubble Mon 14-Feb-05 00:36:24

Your ds sounds similar to my dd, who's now 18 months. I used to get her to sleep on the boob, put her in the cot, she'd wake after 45 minutes and take another 10 mins on the boob to go back off, then she'd sleep till about 3 or 4, at which point I'd have to stay awake for a while to get her back off and usually ended up sitting on the sofa as there wasn't enough room in bed for all 3 of us as she kicks and turns sideways!

So I started making up the sofa bed before going to bed, and then bringing her into that when she woke and spending the rest of the night there. It did seem to help her go off quicker.

Since Christmas or so (so when she was about 16 / 17 mo), I have just slept all night on the sofabed with her, and believe it or not, she has now started sleeping through. I hardly really dare even write it, but she now generally sleeps around 10 hours without a wake, which is just incredible. Can't be certain if it's the proximity to me, but I do think it helps. Course, I still need her to go to bed earlier (currently around 10pm) and need to get her off the boob, but this is the most important thing to have cracked for all of us, keep your fingers crossed for us!

I've got into dd's cot in the past too, and never dreamed I'd be sleeping in a separate room from dh, but we all sleep better for it, so we don't plan to stop JUST yet!

Good luck, and I really hope he gets better soon, that always makes it soooo much worse, doesn't it.

jabberwocky Mon 14-Feb-05 04:08:45

Try Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution. She has a section for co-sleepign bfing babies.

sweetkitty Mon 14-Feb-05 21:20:19

My DD is nearly 7 months has last feed at 8 goes to sleep until 3-4am has quick feed then goes through to 8am. Still co-sleeping.

About a month ago I stopped her falling to sleep on me or on the boob. I now see her getting tired crying and whinging and I put her down on the bed, she sometimes whinges but most often than not she goes off to sleep. Been a big breakthrough for us.

Eventually we want to get her into her own bed and sleeping through without the 3-4am breastfeed but take each stage as it comes.

HappyMumof2 Mon 14-Feb-05 21:59:02

Message withdrawn

TracyK Tue 15-Feb-05 10:39:53

Can you maybe have him in with you sleeping - but just hold him tight instead of boob? If he's all snuggly and warm and can smell mummy - he should drop off. It may be like a CC - but in your bed. Less cruel? Then after you've cracked that you can try and move him to his own bed as stage 2??
has he always done this - or just recently - maybe teething rather than hungry?

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