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Jo Tantum

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emmabillie Thu 07-Aug-08 11:35:52

Hello All, does anybody have any feedback on her methods? Many thanks!

laurz75 Mon 11-Aug-08 23:35:51

I used her book for my 2nd child as I wanted a 'routine' due to my son being only 20 months old when dd came along. I just couldn't be all over the place with feeds, sleeps etc. when I had my little boy to consider too. It was excellent. Gave the book to my closest friend when she was due and she has had excellent 'results'wink - you know what I mean! And more recently my sister also used the book 'Baby Secrets'. I was never one for routines with my son and he was a little nightmare but dd slept through from 9 weeks (11 til 7). She was also a very settled and happy baby and still is. Both were exclusively BF till 6 months. Could be fluke but I don't think so!

emmabillie Tue 12-Aug-08 10:10:24

Hello Laura,

many thanks for the message! We are bringing Emma into bed at the moment as things have got so bad. She is crying for her dummy and then standing up, sitting up in her cot etc. We were both so tired and feeling like we could not cope any longer. So I have decided to get Jo to come over to ours for a couple of days to 'sort emma out'. Unfortunately she is booked until the 29th September but if it works, my life will be so much better!!!!! I have everything crossed. Very expensive but very good investment if she really is that good Just hope we have not left it too late (Emma is nearly a year old).

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