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Help! Why does my 8mth old suddenly hate her cot?!!

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Caz10 Wed 06-Aug-08 21:29:30

DD has always been a rubbish sleeper, but the ONE thing I could count on was that she would go down in her cot around 7ish (doesn't need fed to sleep anymore) and I wouldn't hear a peep until 10pm, sometimes even 12. She would then wake crying for a feed, I'd feed her and pop her back into her cot. Depending on when she woke up after that I would either bring her into bed or else put her back in her cot until morning.

Anyway, point being, the cot was never a problem. She will sleep in it for daytime naps too.

Now, suddenly, when she is waking 9pm/10pmish (it's getting earlier!) she is SCREAMING when I put her back in after feeding, really distressed. I pick her up, put her back down SCREAM! Repeat a million times, then I give up and plonk her on the bed and ZONK asleep. Why??!!! It's not even like I'm with her, I'm through here typing like a mad woman!

I have no problem with co-sleeping in theory, but I just worry about it so much I don't sleep all that well when she is in the bed.

Why is the cot suddenly such a problem??!! sad

Mishee Wed 06-Aug-08 21:33:24

Sorry but I've got no idea, but the same thing has happened to me today! DD is 20 months and from 6 months (when I hired a sleep guru for a few days) has loved going in her cot to sleep. Today, she has gone bananas! She is now fast asleep on the settee and I'm going to try to transfer her back to her cot in half an hour or so. Sirry can't help!

oi Wed 06-Aug-08 21:34:12

is she in one of those straitjackets grobags?

thisisyesterday Wed 06-Aug-08 21:34:37

can you put her back into the cot once she is really properly asleep?

Caz10 Wed 06-Aug-08 21:39:09

yes, she is in her straightjacket! grin Do you think that is the problem? why? I'll dress her in a kangaroo suit if it gets her back in her cot!

thisisyesterday I keep trying but she instantly boings awake and yells, the neighbours must really be hating us atm...

Caz10 Wed 06-Aug-08 21:39:33

oooh mishee what did the sleep guru say?

oi Wed 06-Aug-08 21:43:51

mine were terrible wrigglers and couldn't BEAR those suits. I think SOME children like being able to move around properly and not like a dolphin with a big flipper for a foot.

That might not be it at all as they do go through very trying stages but it's worth a try.

You may just have to ride the storm.

Just wait till she gets to the fucking awful delightful stage of pulling herself up to standing in the cot and then not being able to get back down again.

Caz10 Wed 06-Aug-08 21:51:00

lol at the big dolphin!

she is actually a very still sleeper, once she's asleep she barely moves, although she does do some terrible thrashing while she's trying to get to sleep

we are at the stage of rolling onto her front and not being able to get back, so she used to keep waking up in a "press-up" position, stuck and crying

i say used to - that was a couple of nights ago when she was actually IN HER BLOODY COT, garrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Back to work next week, she has spectacular timing.

Since I left her on my bed she has been sound asleep, maybe I should just get into the cot....

Mishee Wed 06-Aug-08 21:51:38

Sleep guru changed my life and rescued my sanity. At 6 months, I used to feed DD to sleep, then when she woke I would bring her into bed with me and she would feed as and when she felt like it, while I dozed on and off - up to 7ish times a night. Also, couldn't get her to sleep in her cot, but she would sleep in a MOVING pushchair/pram, so I was walking up to 4 hours a day! Found Alison Scott-Wright at a baby fair and she stayed for 3 nights - after 9 minutes she had DD sleeping in her cot and on the 3rd night, DD slept through! Apart from today, have only had 4 not-so-good nights since then (DD will be 2 in OCtober, so not bad!).

oi Wed 06-Aug-08 21:53:49

lolol my dd did that too. Just when I went back to work the first time.

I actually googled to see when you died from sleep deprivation (seriously lol). I knew I'd go mad first so wanted to check at what point I might be endangering my own life!

Caz10 Wed 06-Aug-08 21:57:43

i have already posted on MN to ask if I will actually die when I go back to work lol!

ok so i am on the lookout for signs of insanity, that shouldn't be hard, will i die soon after that? grin

i can hear her to bed as too paranoid to leave her there unattended...I just check her breathing every 6 seconds, but that is less stressful than having her scream all the time I suppose..

33k Wed 06-Aug-08 22:03:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BouncingTurtle Thu 07-Aug-08 06:46:08

Caz, as I posted on our PN thread, DS has been a bit unsettled, keeps waking up between his bedtime and ours. He also does the rolling onto the front doing press ups thing!
I then have to pick him up and cuddle him until he goes back to sleep.
I wondering now if he is now developing an aversion to his cot! We moved him into his own room hoping he'd sleep better, but apart from a handful of nights, no joy! Am seriously considering getting a bed guard so that we can co-sleep properly...

Mishee Thu 07-Aug-08 16:28:12

Sleep guru was about £300 per night, although she is with you 24 hrs a day. Advice from my hv's was non-exhistant or rubbish. Although not cheap, she was worth every penny. She's currently writing a book on sleep, which I will buy for all pregnant friends so they get it right from the start, unlike me!

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