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Controlled cyring at 14 months - your thoughts

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GreenFingeredMummy Wed 06-Aug-08 11:59:10

Thinking of trying CC as dd is just not settling, have tried gradual withdrawal, now at door but she spends an entire hour geting up, I put her down turn around and she gets back up. This goes on for an hour and Ive had enough. Just dont see this working, just showing her that when she stands mummy comes back. If I leave her to stand she just unzips her bag or plays with the cot.

I walked out at todays nap time after putting her back down over 50 times, just couldnt do it anymore... am I a bad mum, feel pretty rotten and very confused. Its so tiring spending an hour to get her to sleep and then shes awake before the next hours finished.

She doesnt have milk to sleep and generally sleeps through the night, its just getting her to sleep in the first place - cant keep this up much longer...

witchandchips Wed 06-Aug-08 12:04:34

is she crying or just playing? can she climb out of her cot?. My ds used to play in his cot for up to 45 mins before he went to sleep. Perfectly happy, would just pass out on his teddies when he'd had enough. If she is not crying then just leave her but don't worry if she is not asleep and don't keep going in to put her down.

Kewcumber Wed 06-Aug-08 12:08:47

what time is she going to bed? Do you have a problme with her playing for up to an hour. With gradual withdrawl I didn;t go back in if for example DS stood up just ignored him. Starteed by the bed for 10 mins then stood by the door facing away from him then outside the door. The only thing I would say was "mummy's here" or "Sh shshsh"

He still doesn;t get to sleep easily but at 2.7 will now let me go to another room and read/work on computer provided he can hear me if he calls.

If she needs putting down 50 times - does she really need the nap?

witchandchips Wed 06-Aug-08 12:10:53

if you were putting her down 50 times and she was not crying guess she was just enjoying the "lets get mummmy back into the room game"

ceebee74 Wed 06-Aug-08 12:18:03

Does she have toys and books in her cot? Same as Witchandchips, my DS will happily sit in his cot reading books until he passes out.

I would be tempted not to go back in unless she is really crying - not just standing up.

GreenFingeredMummy Wed 06-Aug-08 12:33:18

I dont leave the room just stand near the door with my back to her but do go back to the cot to put her back down when she gets up. She doesnt cry often generally just babbles or whines. Not sure shes playing unless getting up is playing, she only had her blankie in the cot at the mo. She is tired for a nap but is starting to go down later.

At bedtime I like to put her in her cot around 7-7.30, she used to go to sleep pretty easily but not anymore. We have a good routine and she is often sleepy after having her bedtime stories, but as soon as she goes in the cot shes trying to push me away and get up.

What would you do? Leave her and stay in the room or go out and let her cry for a bit which she does if I attempt to leave before shes asleep...

CoteDAzur Wed 06-Aug-08 12:39:11

Put her to bed a bit later and get out of the room.

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