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Could do with some support....

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GreenFingeredMummy Tue 05-Aug-08 22:34:59

Im trying to do gradual withdrawal with my dd whos 14mths but she keeps standing or sitting up. Tonight I had to lay her back down over 80 times. Anyone else going through this or been and done it? Could really do with some advice before I resort to leaving her to cry, am totally desperate..... sad

thisisyesterday Tue 05-Aug-08 22:43:14

awww, it's hard isn't it?
I think perhaps I would just go with it, even if she is sitting up. just be in the room, as far away as poss and go with it.
if she starts crying or anything just lay her down and settle her again

thisisyesterday Tue 05-Aug-08 22:43:41

I did rapid return with ds1 when he went into a bed from cot, and was up for 2 hours one night before screaming at him and leaving it to dp

livysmum Wed 06-Aug-08 03:01:45

I'm going through the same thing with DD who is 23 months. She just got her bed 4 days ago, first night was a disaster, there was a thunderstorm and was just getting back off holiday with nana. But past 2 nights and naps were okay.
Tonight however she cried adn cried tonight so I went up and just sat near her bed and idnt say a thing. She was sitting up and down and talking random words but I just ignored it. I'd move bit by bit towards the door even though she was still sitting up every now and again.
I guess the whole idea of gradual retreat is that your with them long enough for them to settle down and get to sleep with teh comfort of mam or dad close.

I DO have a question though......will she want this everynight or what do I do tomorrow night?

2Happy Wed 06-Aug-08 06:29:20

As another insomniac in a line of insomniacs, I have managed to breed two crap sleepers sad. ds1 (3) is rubbish for going to sleep, but will normally do well once he goes off. ds2 (18m)goes off fine, but is a horrifically early riser. But recently he's been waking mroe and more and screaming and screaming, and this week has been doing it when he is put down too. I think it was teething which set him off, now he's just in the habit. Any time he wakes up, he screams which wakes us, wakes ds1, probably wakes the poor neighbours. Doing gradual withdrawal's a killer at 2 o'clock in the morning.

livysmum, we went through exactly the same thing with ds1 when he went into the big boy's bed, it was really tough, sympathies x

livysmum Thu 07-Aug-08 02:49:03

just to inform you
Tonigh was great 4 books in her bed lying down adn reading and said all my "night nights", "see you in the morning" "love you" as if I wasn't worried that she wouldn't go to bed and she sobbed for littly 1 min to herself and no its soooo quiet.

Green Finger- stay strong and try that gradual escape without paying her any attention when she stands up and crossed fingers hope that she'll settle enough to sleep on her own.

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