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1 year old waking up crying for Mummy - wont sleep without me - is it work related??

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justme27 Fri 01-Aug-08 22:59:21

Hi all

My DD has been a good sleeper since she was born (apart from a few blips with teething and weaning). generally she used to sleep at 8pm, wake at 5ish for a feed then sleep again till about 7am.

I started work part time on 1 july - do mon-weds so on those days have to lift her out of bed - often sleeping - to take her to mum's

For the past 2 weeks, she has been very very restless to the point where I've bought her into our bed (DH goes into spare room!)

Even then she wont sleep - waking to toss and turn, find me, cuddle up and then go back to sleep.

Is it the weather or do you think its some insecurity from me going back to work?

She just woke up just now crying mama - properly crying too (shes generally a contented baby so this is unusual)

Thanks for any tips....

Dynamicnanny Sat 02-Aug-08 20:39:22

I think she is probably getting into a routine of this "attention seeking" behaviour She knows that if she cries then you will get her, hug her, sleep with her etc - which is fine and alot of people will say go with it let her sleep with you - however you could also do control crying and just go in pat her and say you're there and get her to go back to sleep, hopefully it's just a phase.

And No I don't think you going to work is the problem

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