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Gradual withdrawal mums please help?

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GreenFingeredMummy Fri 01-Aug-08 11:08:11

Ok been doing gradual withdrawal for a few days now, I have managed to move away from the cot half way between it and the door and have put dd back down 80 times the last night (kept standing and sitting up) and 65 times for this mornings nap. I just want to know whether I should continue with gradual withdrawal for nap time, I put dd to bed at 9.45 this morning but it took an hour for her to go to sleep. Also what do you say to your dc when you lay them back down?

She just started the standing up last night so I think she is testing my resolve as she didnt do it the first two nights, any tips to keep me from going insane?????????? sad

Olihan Fri 01-Aug-08 11:25:03

I used to just say, 'lie down, it's sleeptime' but not physically lie him down because I think it used to rev him up more if I kept going to him.

I also used to sit facing away from him so he couldn't get my attention. I took a book in too, to stop me going crazy with boredom waiting for him to go to sleep.

Literally all I used to say was 'It's sleeptime' or 'Lie down, it's sleeptime', and that was only when I really had to give him some attention. Otherwise I virtually ignored him.

It is worth doing it for daytime naps as well, as it helps speed it all up.

GreenFingeredMummy Fri 01-Aug-08 11:32:53

I found that as soon as I lay her down she started to roll and get back up, not sure if it would work ignoring her now tho'. I do the same, stand with my back to her, unfortunately I cant sit as the floor boards are too noisy, my legs nearly gave way by the time she was asleep. Did you go straight over to your lo when he stood? and did you do the same if he just sat up? Dd is in a bag so more often than not she just sits up rather than stands. Thinking of lowering the cot again so she cant pull herself up as easily.

How long did it take you and how quick did you move another step away?

Sorry for all the questions smile

Olihan Fri 01-Aug-08 23:36:20

Sorry for the slow reply, have only just got back on here! How did bedtime go?

I didn't tend to go over or touch him at all, even if he stood or sat up. I didn't lie him down and only spoke if he was being very persistent in standing/sitting or shouting at me. He was bagged too and lowering the base of the cot stopped the standing but he did still sit up. I let him though, once he wasn't getting any attention he stopped.

Can you get a stool or chair to sit on? I agree it's agony on the legs to stand still for hours.

I moved a bit further every time, even if it was only a foot or so. IME the hardest bit is getting away from the side of the cot so you can make the next steps much bigger. I think I got to the door in a couple of nights once I wasn't right next to the cot.

Then I spent a few of nights waiting in the doorway for less and less time each night before I could just walk straight out.

Hope you make some progress smile.

GreenFingeredMummy Sat 02-Aug-08 17:37:08

Last night was pretty awful, she either stood up or sat up over 200 times (impressed I managed to keep count). I think I will stick with putting her down as I dont want to change tack. I'm almost at the door but dont want to have to keep going and laying her back down when Im outside the room. Keep your fingers crossed for tonight!!!

GreenFingeredMummy Sat 02-Aug-08 20:36:16

Tonight was much better I stayed calm and only had to put her back down 97 times in 45mins, major progress on yesterdays fiasco!!!

My onlr prob is Im near the door now and I dont want to leave the room till shes not getting up, any suggestions??

Habbibu Sat 02-Aug-08 20:41:16

Just stay there - get a book and booklight, or a radio - sit on chair and take things slowly. We did it much more slowly than you, (which was downside) but it meant she didn't do much in the way of standing up, etc (upside). We also started reading a little story from outside the door, which she loves - the Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton - worked really well - she could hear us briefly once we'd gone out, and found it comforting.

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