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Co-sleepers, what do you do about sex?

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Laugs Thu 31-Jul-08 16:29:50

We're not actually co-sleeping, but DD (21 months) has moved back into her own cot in our room. It was more for practical reasons of space to be honest, but I quite like it.

Yesterday she woke me up, without saying a word but by reaching through her cot and tickling my feet. I looked up and she was giggling to herself. What a lovely way to wake up!

But our sex life is starting to suffer... what's the secret?

aGalChangedHerName Thu 31-Jul-08 16:38:34

I co-sleep with dd2 and co-slept with dd1 and ds1 too.

I co-sleep and DH has a bed next to th king size. I go and visit him when i need to lol.

We would be more adventerous ie downstairs etc but with a 12 yr old and a nearly 17 year old it's difficult.

This year we have only been alone (without the ds's) 3 timesshock

It is not ideal but hey ho,dd2 is 2 tomorrow so will be off to her own room soon.

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