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Need some help - not sure if this is the right topic

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youcannotbeserious Wed 30-Jul-08 21:23:50

OK, really need some advice:

I have 10 week old DS, who is the light of my life. I also have a large dog who needs at least 2 hour long walks per day.

My DH is away Monday to Friday and this annot be renegotiated.

My mum lives 400 miles away and asking her to stay is not an option.

My sister also lives 400 miles away and works full time.

I don't have any friends close by - we live here to be close to my DH's other children (who live with thier mum)

OK, all of that considered.... I'm really struggling today with the lack of sleep. I need to have some sort of back up. What can I do? I'm really struggling.....

The dog isn't good at a dog walker because he's older now and doesn't mix well with other dogs (is scared of them)

I need a nanny or a creche or something...

What are my options? I feel like a zombie today!

mrsdavros Wed 30-Jul-08 21:49:59

I have zero experience of this (except the ds bit) - but even tho your dog is not good with other dogs, is he good with other people? Could you advertise in a local shop/post office/newspaper for a (fit!)retired person (maybe lives in a flat, can't have dogs..) to walk him twice a day? Maybe with a couple of getting to know sessions, or not even that?

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