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18 month old and very disturbed sleep

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ButIForgetMyself Tue 29-Jul-08 21:51:49

Put her down to bed at 7pm.

By 7.40pm she is awake and screaming.

Eventually falls back to sleep.

During the night, wakes for huge screaming sessions for hours on end. Only solution parents can find is to put her in their bed - not ideal.

I am the live-in nanny. I sleep in the bedroom next to her so even when parents are here and dealing with her, she wakes me up too. I work a lot of overnights, as I am tonight. Am not prepared to put 18 month old in my bed where she could fall out of the side.

Has one sleep in the daytime around lunchtime, for up to 1.5 hours.

Wakes up a few times in the early morning and drifts back off but is generally awake by 6.30am for the day.

It is now 9.50pm and she has been screaming for 25 minutes. I have been in three times at 10 minute intervals, laid her down and gently shushed her. It's not working so far.

I need to get some sleep at some point tonight as I am 18 weeks pregnant myself and have a full days work tomorrow!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Babyramone Tue 12-Aug-08 03:02:46

Bumping as going through the same.

Hence on net at this ungodly hour.

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