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how have we messed up bedtimes?

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MamaChris Sun 27-Jul-08 21:46:58

ds wakes frequently, rises early and is often awake for a couple of hours "play" in the middle of the night. But he has always, ALWAYS gone to sleep by 7pm since we started a proper bedtime routine at around 12 weeks. The hour 7-8 is the only guaranteed sleep time we get.

Now he's almost 6 months old and tonight wouldn't sleep till 8.30pm (lots of crying). Only two things I can think have been different to normal "routine" in last couple of days:

- last night his bedtime was a bit later than normal, but woke up today at usual time and all naps were at usual times
- today a friend took him out in buggy for one nap, and this was the first time he'd been apart from both of us, ever, although seemed absolutely fine when he got back

Could either cause this bad bedtime? A good bedtime is the only predictable thing about ds's sleep, and without that we will have nothing left to hold on to

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