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Put dd 24mo back into bed 72 times this evening. Any tips on Rapid Return

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fizzbuzz Sun 27-Jul-08 21:36:18

I'm exhausted, dp is exhausted, both our backs are killling us, she was horrid.

She just started getting out of bed todayhmm, and accelerated her new found skills very rapidly. How long can this go on for?

Spent 2 hours doing this. Her best wheeze was hurling her bunny down the stairs and then saying "dropped bunny". I threw it back up the stairs which she found hilarious. So then dp had to keep going and getting it (remembering to shut safety gate each time).

How long does it usually take to break this habit? Going on hols on Friday, don't want to spend 2 hours every evening in this entertaining manner

dinkystinky Mon 28-Jul-08 10:55:40

Fizzbuzz - darent even try putting DS in a bed yet (he's the same age as your daughter) but didnt want to read and not reply. Remember - its just a phase (isnt it all) and it will pass. A few suggestions (which will put into play when put DS in his bed in a few months) are putting a stairgate on her bedroom door (so while she can get out of her bed she cant get out of her bedroom) and ignoring her, removing toys/distractions/things she can throw or destroy from her room until she gets the idea that bedtime is time to sleep, telling her that if she drops bunny or anything else down the stairs that is where they will remain until morning time (if you dont respond, she'll soon get bored of it if she's anything like my DS), star chart and rewards if she stays in bed - whatever happens, as soon as she gets the idea its not a game and time to sleep, life should hopefully get a lot easier for you.

VinegarTits Mon 28-Jul-08 10:59:31

Don't respond to her, put her back into bed and say nothing, keep doing this, if she cries let her, if she gets up just keep putting her back down with out saying a word, it works for my ds(2) i am the queen of no response!

fizzbuzz Mon 28-Jul-08 13:03:42

That's what we,ve been doing, but God it is so knackering.

The bunny business is a big ptoblem as she will not sleep without it

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