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Toddlers not sleeping!!

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SlowDown Sat 26-Jul-08 20:39:22

Anyone else got a toddler who just won't go to sleep until later in the evening than normal?! I think it must be the light and the heat! I am not worried as I know dd (20 months) will get back on track at some point. But just now she tends to have a long nap in the afternoon due to heat, then we put her down at 7pm and she's still awake at 8.30! I am a soft touch as I go in to check her, she beams at me and I get her up again for 1/2 hour!! I know this is not good but she is so delightfully playful and awake when she shouldn't be!! My fault for allowing the long nap I suppose!

Lukesmammy Sat 26-Jul-08 21:36:48


Its taken nearly 2 hours to get my DS (16 months) to sleep tonight - arrrghhh! He is also having longer and later afternoon naps - must be the heat.

weasle Sat 26-Jul-08 22:03:57

oh god, my 2.4yo was up until 11pm last night. night 4 of toddler bed instead of cot (kept climbing out), but prev 3 nights ok. tonight just got 7mo asleep now at 10pm by walking round block in pushchair, 2.4yo asleep about 9.30.

am hoping just a phase, life quite rubbish with evening spent shuttling between the two of them. no time to cook/eat/do chores!

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