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My boy won't sleep!

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finallypregnant Fri 25-Jul-08 14:31:09

He's 3 weeks old and will sleep for around 3 hours late morning early afternoon. That will then be him (with the exception of may be 20-30 minute power naps of which there are 2-3) until 10 pm at night. He'll then sleep until midnight when I will try and dream feed him (worked well the last 3 nights). This will last him until 2-3 am when he wakes and takes a full feed and then wakes again between 5-6 am. That is then him awake again until his longer sleep of 3 hours late morning etc!

I know he's just tiny but does anyone have any recommendations we can try as he gets so tired and upset.

It is very tiring as he always needs held and won't settle being left on his play mat or swing, even for half an hour when we have dinner.

RubySlippers Fri 25-Jul-08 14:33:52

swaddle him

in this hot weather, leave him in a nappy and use a cotton sheet

use a sling as well

TBH I would have wept with relief if my DS went 3 hours between feeds at 3 weeks old

he is doing ok smile

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