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DD seems to sleep all the time..

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Chickyboo Tue 08-Feb-05 11:45:33

I know I shouldn't complain, but my DD is 6 months old and still sleeps a lot. She sleeps from 7pm - 7amish and then needs to have a nap at 8.30 wakes up then another nap 10.30 up at 12ish then down again 1.30pm wakes up 3ish then down again 4.30 then wakes 5.30 has dinner and bath and just about makes it to 7pm. Seems like she sleeps so much if I try and keep her awake she starts screaming and won't go to sleep at all. I know this doesn't sound like a problem but I feel like she's missing out on so much.

handlemecarefully Tue 08-Feb-05 12:23:40

No experience of a baby being quite so sleepy, but I am 110% confident that she will gradually start reducing her sleep and it will be only a short term issue....

I hope someone else posts who has similar experiences with a sleepy baby to set your mind at rest.

Not trying to minimise this problem for you, but do try and enjoy the peace. If you have any more kids in the future any type of peace and quiet will be elusive, and you will look back on this period and wish you had capitalised upon it more.

bundle Tue 08-Feb-05 12:34:51

a friend of mine had a sleepy baby who did turn out to have a medical problem - but this was indicated by other symptoms (v pale skin and v lethargic) but if you are worried, why not get your GP to have a look at her?

handlemecarefully Tue 08-Feb-05 13:03:10

I agree with bundle - just check it out with your GP. Not suggesting your baby is ill - but GP can probably reassure you that all is well.

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