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What do you do to help settle your dc at night and for nap times?

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DustyTV Thu 24-Jul-08 11:46:56

Any ideas would be welcome, DD fights sleep, so much so she is crying because she gets so tired. We try all sorts. Walking in her buggy, drive in the car. Lots of rocking, letting her settle her self. Nothing works.

DD is BF, but I saw some night time milk in the formula aisle at Asda. Does it work, would anyone recommend it? Should I try her with some if that before bed or just continue to bf her before naps and bed time.

We do have a routine, of bath, lights down low, last feed, then if she is asleep, bed?

LadyBee Thu 24-Jul-08 23:12:13

How old is DD?
I try to separate feeding from sleep, except for night-time sleeps. So for naps, DS is fed after he's woken up, then he plays and I watch him really carefully for early tired signs, get him upstairs and swaddle then rock before settling in cot with shushing and pat on chest until he's definitely off.
For evening sleep, we do the feed, catnap, kick, bath, cuddle, feed, feed, feed, cuddle, feed, feed, etc routine grin (we're still working on evening sleep). I just find that he won't go down in the evening until he's definitely sure he's had enough. Which can take a really long time and a lot of feeding. wink

NappiesNoMore Thu 24-Jul-08 23:15:49

we dont have naps anymore and my meory is utterly unreliable so i won t bother speculating on what i might have done.
but at night we do the bath/story/bed routine, they all get a couple of little bottles (ds1 has water, ds2 has milk, and ds3 has juice, really need to get em all on water but i digress) and i stand in the dark with them while they fall asleep. ds2 needs me to hold his hand. if i do, he is quiet and calm, drinks his milk and is asleep within 10 minutes. if i dont he makes a noise, keeps the others awake and then its bedlam. so i stay.

Sazisi Thu 24-Jul-08 23:18:58

Hum a gentle repetitive melody, the same one every night, after last feed. DD3 is nearly 18 months now, but we've been doing this since she was tiny. It acts as a trigger and really gets her in the mood for sleep. She starts rubbing nher eyes as soon as I begin

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