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hedgehog1979 Thu 24-Jul-08 10:04:11

DS is 4 weeks old and has been swaddled since birth apart from 2 nights when we bought him home and tried him in a grobag.

He now seems to be fighting it and quite frequently I find him with an arm out in the morning. He even has managed to remove his feet from the pocket at the bottom!!

Is it worth trying him in the gro bag again or should I wrap him with one arm out to see if he is not going to be waking himself?

I have this swaddling as I could not manage it with a standard blanket

Thank You

hedgehog1979 Thu 24-Jul-08 16:26:44

shameless BUMP

Hannah81 Thu 24-Jul-08 16:31:59

I'd try him in the gro bag - My DS1 loved to be swaddled for the first few weeks and then didn't like it - DS2 always likes his hands free, and would never be swaddled, so he is in a summer tog sleeping bag and loves that. Try the gro bag, they only tend to like being swaddled for a while - maybe he's a little warm in it at the moment and thats why he wants his hands free?

Bluebutterfly Thu 24-Jul-08 16:32:20

You can swaddle a baby so that both arms are free if you think that they are unlikely to wake themselves up with flailing arms. If your baby likes the comfort of swaddling but wants his arms free that would seem to be a good solution. Whatever you prefer to do really!

hedgehog1979 Thu 24-Jul-08 17:19:29

Hannah - I have 1 tog sleeping bags do you think he would be ok in them in this hot weather?

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