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cabin beds / high beds for DS 3.5, any recommendationds or thoughts?

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Dad12 Wed 23-Jul-08 14:48:18

Bit of a sorry state of 3.5 is still in the parents bed. Shocking I know....but there was a reason...he suffered from terrible sleep apnea due to massive tonsils and adenoids, add on breathing issues due to repeated upper-respiratory infections and we just kept him close..kept having to nudge him after about 25 seconds of non-breathing, he would start coughing and vomit..nightmare. anyway all is now well after a successful op in May. Now we want to get him asap into his own bed and room. He has alittle cot-bed which he turns his nose up thinking is a new exciting higher up cabin bed thing...what do you think are my chances of a smooth transition?!

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