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Amby hammock - when/how to move to cot

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weasle Mon 14-Jul-08 22:04:51

ds2 has been a nightmare sleeper. still is not great, but huge improvement after buying a hammock when he was 4-5mo.

he is now 7mo. can sit up unaided and can crawl increasing distances - perhaps a few feet.

the literature with the amby is conflicting - one paragraph says use until 24 months, another talks of moving out when baby can kneel.

i'm going back to work this week, can't handle a return to hourly wakenings. several times a night he wakes but goes back to sleep with the rocking i think. i have to feed him once or twice a night. tell me what you did please!

Podster Mon 14-Jul-08 22:43:14

I have an Amby and thought you had to move them when they could sit up by themselves. I actually moved DD a couple of weeks ago into the cot even though she's not at that stage yet. I was getting worried (ok a bit paranoid) that she was getting too used to the rocking and that I was going to have big trouble moving her into a cot or getting her to sleep anywhere else when the time came so I started out by putting her in the cot for daytime naps, which went ok and then moved onto nighttime. To start with I got her to fall asleep in the sling and then transferred her to the cot so she could get used to it. She does gripe when she goes down, but once she is asleep it is generally ok. I have been doing 'shush pat' at increasing intervals to get her off to sleep instead of rocking and has worked so far, more so at night though she is showing signs of teething at the moment so struggling in general with daytime naps. I did email the people at Amby early on with a question I had at they came back to me so you could try that too.

ExterminAitch Mon 14-Jul-08 22:46:08

dd moved at 9 mos, by which time she could stand up in it and bounce alarmingly. grin

i was putting it off, can you tell, but actually she was fine from day one in the cot.

weasle Tue 15-Jul-08 08:01:10

thanks. am also putting it off i think. i do occasionally put him in cot for daytime naps, but he wakes up after 30mins!

GentleOtter Tue 15-Jul-08 08:06:28

We put the Amby hammock over the cot so although ds was still in it, he was safe if he tried to get out. He was about nine months old.
We did it for about two weeks then put him into the cot without the hammock and he settled well.

OrangeKnickers Thu 17-Jul-08 08:59:48

I am thinking of moving ds 1yo from amby stright into a small bed with a guard rail. Am I mad do you think?

fitnfortyone Fri 01-Aug-08 18:32:03

Am having similar problem with my LO. He's 20wks and we have the Moffii Oberon which I think is a bit smaller than the Amby, so he's looking squashed in it now. However, when I try him in the cotbed, all he wants to do is practice rolling over in it as he's used to sleeping on his side. He then gets frustrated as he can't roll back yet, so gets stuck face down shock.
Will try him for daytime naps when he's really tired, but he only tends to settle to sleep in the hammock, hates going to sleep anywhere else

koa Sat 02-Aug-08 21:58:57

Amby claim you can keep them in for ages (they say buy a stronger spring and they can stay in till 24 months+. All I can say is must be very small 24 month olds in Amby world because my little one was looking very squished in it by 7 months. I put him straight in a cot and he loved it. He does wonder all over the place though, maybe enjoying the freedom of space.

fitnfortyone Sun 03-Aug-08 19:12:01

Lol, I tried LO in his cot for afternoon nap yesterday, ignored cries for a while then went up to find he'd moved round 180 degrees and also flipped onto his front so was lying face down wailing cos he couldn't get onto his back or side again

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