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DD has started to wake up half an hour after being put to sleep - at least my legs will look good with all this going up and down the stairs!!!!!!!

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nik76 Mon 14-Jul-08 05:53:17

DD who is 16 weeks on wednesday has started to wake up and cry about half an hour, sometimes an hour, after being put to bed.

She is BF and has started to want to be BF to sleep, to the point of cry so hard she holds her breath (I'm sure you've all seen how horrible that one is). So I'm afriad I ahve been doing this AND putting her inot her cot asleep as she crys whenever she goes in it - just wants to be held.

She has slept through be night since may and always sucks her thumb during the night but has stopped doing this at night to get to sleep. When I go up to her she will not stop crying until she is on the breast - she does take milk however I'm not convinved that she is hungry - its not long before she's off to sleep. If I take her off she will wake up so have to carefully move her so she's still on breast but not in mouth and then carefully put her in the cot. This wakes her sometimes and I have to start again.

HELP - can't do CC think its too young imo.

MamaChris Mon 14-Jul-08 06:42:24

ds was just like this (waking up every 20 mins) but has never slept through! Although a decent sleeping pattern at 8 weeks started to deteriorate from then. Now (5mo) we think we have turned a corner and are getting up to 2.5 hours sleep at a time Things we've done (don't know which have helped so listing them all):

- having daytime playtime in cot

- put cot at side of bed with only 3 sides, so that it's like an extension of our bed and it's easy for me to reach in and feed him if needed

- change the bedtime routine from bath/book/feed/sleep to book/bath/lullaby+feed/sleep

- make him have a nap that finishes just 2 hours before bedtime. He's less tired going to bed now, and takes longer to get to sleep, but goes to sleep in his cot not on the breast (at least - this has worked for last 2 nights)

- we have a light/soundbox like this which is on as he goes to sleep. Then at the first hint of waking, we shout down the baby monitor to start it up again.

Hope some of these might help you too!

nik76 Mon 14-Jul-08 09:53:40

Thanks MC

Mum bought us one of those - we're convinced it keeps her awake though, plus the other night she moved and hit it with her arm and it set it off which made her cry ?!?!?!?

Cot is at side of bed and although has 4 sides its bars and she does look at me.

Don't have a book in the routine yet - have tried singing the last couple of nights but think I'm so bad it remembering that that wakes her up!!!

Will keep trying - think will move bedtime earlier tonight so get some of evening back even if it does mean getting up earlier.

MamaChris Mon 14-Jul-08 19:25:10

Ours isn't attached to the cot, but on a stool outside it. So no chance of ds hitting it. Good luck for tonight! Sleep deprivation is truly terrible but I keep reminding myself that they will sleep for 20 hours a day when they're teenagers so this can't last forever

nik76 Tue 15-Jul-08 07:37:01

Good idea not to have in the cot!!!


Last night I brought her bed time forward a little and made sure she didn't sleep after 3pm. Did normal bedtime routine, except only put vest on when fed her (she was getting a bit upset by then anyway), when she finsh eating and I thought she was starting to comfort suck I finished dressing her and she started to get a little upset as not on the breast so I gave her a dummy and she looked like maggie from the simpsons, she could suck it hard enough. Held her close for a while and she was starting to get heavy eyed to put her into the cot, and she woke up but just said shhh and sat on the bed next to her. Did the not looking at her thing so she knew I was still there and put dummy back if it came out. Also put muslin next to her face as she loves that.

After about 10-15 mins felt was able to creep out of the room. Now she DID wake up about 45 mins later, crying, I went back in and put the dummy back and repeated shh and sitting. I didn't pick her up and tbh she wasn't as upset as she was normally. She went back to sleep again and I left the room.

She did wake up again in the night, and last night was so upset had to feed her, last night though she toke the dummy and eventually went back to sleep and she is still asleep now, *12 ours baby*!!!!!!!

MamaChris Tue 15-Jul-08 16:03:36

OK. I am officially envy envy envy

we seem to have gone backwards last night, but two steps forward and all that...

still, well done your dd

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