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giving water in the night

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harrogatemum Fri 04-Feb-05 09:22:10

My twins are 12 weeks old and waking at midnight and 5am every night for feeds. I know this is fairly normal at this age but as you can imagine with two of them i am absolutely shattered. The last two nights I have given them boiled water at the 5am feed instead of milk (friend who is a Gina Fordie suggested it). They drink a couple of ounces, whinge a bit and then go back to sleep so i think it is habit that is waking them rather than hunger. Has anyone else tried this and if so how long did it take before they stopped bothering to wake for the water? (NB I do give them milk at 6.30/7am)

sasa15 Fri 04-Feb-05 17:40:23

it worked for my son, but he was around 3 months old so more or less like the twins, and he use to wake up at 3am...for few days...
and also I did the same to cut the 10.30pm feed and it did work out...

it takes 3 days and they shouldn't wake up anymore after that!!!

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