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MrsBigD Thu 03-Feb-05 06:27:16

I need your wisdom dear MNers as I'm close to despair and collaps...

DD (3y) was never a good sleeper but since we had ds (5m) she actually started sleeping through more or less (yeah!).

However, she started nursery (2.5h per day) 10 days ago and progressively her sleeping has gotten worse with the last 3 nights being interrupted by almost hourly screaming/shouting/histerical fits.

I have started getting her down between 1930 and 2000 which is 1h earlier than it used to be because she was so tired after nursery but not wanting to sleep during the day and hence turning into toddler from hell late afternoon.

so now I'm wondering... might the sleep pattern be linked to starting to go to nursery or just another phase?

Thanks for any advice you could give so I can regain some sleep (I'd be grateful for 5-6 h uniterrupted... not asking for much am I ) and keep my sanity.

Thank you

MrsBigD Thu 03-Feb-05 06:28:35

p.s. don't want to ignore the screaming as I don't want her to wake up ds. It's bad enought that he gurgles happily between 0430 and 0530 before going back to sleep... but that's another problem and i've already found a thread to read through

MrsBigD Thu 03-Feb-05 11:46:22

anyone with tips for my sanity?

pabla Thu 03-Feb-05 12:36:47

No tips I'm afraid but just letting you know you are not alone - my ds has just moved from playgroup to nursery (run by the same person, just in different parts of the building). He has always been prone to tantrums but it has been unbelievable since Christmas. This morning was the worst ever. I am still really upset by it, mainly because I fell I lost control too and feel terribly guilty. He kept taking off his clothes, had to be carried screaming to the car in a t-shirt and underpants, undid his seatbelt....He actually really enjoys nursery and while he may have a tantrum about getting dressed he usually is fine about going in. However, this is the second time this week he has been tantrumming as we went in the door. His tantrum wasn't that he actually didn't want to go, more that he wanted to go home to get his own way about the original cause of the tantrum, IFYSWIM. His sister was late for school for the first time ever because of all this she was also crying going in because she didn't want to be late...I'm worried the baby is also going to be affected by all the screaming and shouting going on in our house at the moment.

I have tried all the usual advice, ignoring him, using time out, etc and it makes no difference. He seems to need to carry on and on until he eventually runs out of steam.

He has also been waking up at night but at least he goes back to sleep fairly easily.

I think tiredness may be part of the cause, though he hasn't actually appeared physically tired, but I did wonder if it's because he is spending more time away from me, as he is now going for 5 mornings instead of three?

MrsBigD Thu 03-Feb-05 13:27:39

thanks Pabla
It's just so annoying that dd is having her screaming fits just when my dad is visiting from Germany. He admires my patience though but is amazed how such a little bundle can have such mood swings

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