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9mth old started waking at crack of dawn

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carmenelectra Wed 09-Jul-08 06:54:58

Any advice please before i go nuts?

My 9 mth old has beeen sleeping through since about 4ths and usually getting up about 630-645. However, for about the past 6wks he has been waking at approx 5am-515. Standing up in his cot crying. Ive tried just settling him with his dummy, but no luck. He seems hungry. Therefore, ive been feeding him his bottle and trying to settle him straight back down. He does seem tired and often nods back off(if i catch him at the right time)and i will then have him in bed with us or lie on the settee for another hour. This doesnt always work though and sometimes he acts as if this is is his regular morning and climbs all over me to play.

Its wearing me out and causing me to bicker with dp who seems happy enough with him waking so early.And offers to get up with him, even though i say im trying to break this cycle

I dont think 5am is a reasonable time to wake up and ive always been happy with 6am being a reasonable start to the day, but not 5oclock. Im desperate to break the habit, especially as i know he hasnt had enough sleep cos he is ready for another kip practically before ive dropped ds1 at school and im struggling to keep him awake.

I know many people have it worse than me so i dont want to sound like a moaner!

Surely he shouldnt be hungry at 5am when he is eating loads during the day and having an 80z bottle just before bed at half 7 ish?

What can i do to stretch him out for an extra hour?

carmenelectra Wed 09-Jul-08 09:12:16

No one can help?

OlderNotWiser Wed 09-Jul-08 09:16:55

Hiya, have just posted a message myself on the same subject! My 2 DCs both wake early, its so bloody hard at times isn't it? Im afraid I havent yet found a solution other than sharing the earlies with DP when possible....sorry not to be helpful, but you are not alone!

carmenelectra Wed 09-Jul-08 09:22:19


I really like routines and he is in quite a good one and ds1 was too. I always had a sort of unofficial rule that mornings didnt start till 6am at the earliest!! As far as im concerned 5am is still the night and even children shouldnt wake that early!

Im determined to stop it as i do not think 5am is a reasonable time to get up(unless its a newborn of course)!

OlderNotWiser Wed 09-Jul-08 09:27:49

Yes, 5am is the night, Im with you on that one!
I keep telling them both that but to no avail...! Anyway, someone just recommended this book on my thread so thought Id pass it on to you, tho of course Ive not had a chance to check it out:
'Teach your child to sleep' by the Millpond sleep clinic published by Hamlyn.

Ah. DC2 awakes so must dash...will check this as well as my own thread later in hope of someone posting a simple and effective instant cure for waking at 5!

carmenelectra Wed 09-Jul-08 09:51:30


helips Wed 09-Jul-08 13:32:43

My ds has been waking up at 5am every morning for a week now and I'm knackered! Be interested to know if anyone has any solutions!

carmenelectra Wed 09-Jul-08 14:01:11

I can live with 6am even though not ideal(!) but 5, no way!

zim Mon 18-Aug-08 11:49:30

hi, just wondering how you've all been getting on with the 5am wake up? Was that book any good? We're going through the exact same thing with our 12 month old...

moocowme Mon 18-Aug-08 19:52:13

you need to see the "calling all fellow parents of early risers - i hardly dare say i, but i THINK this wake-to-sleep thing MAY work...! <<crosses fingers>>" thread

zim Mon 18-Aug-08 21:03:50

hi, how would i find that thread? Ive just copied and paste what you put in inverted commas in a search?

Sawyer64 Mon 18-Aug-08 21:14:33

Stating the obvious here,but is it the Summer mornings ie Daylight shining in?

Have you got Blackout Blinds?

If you have,I don't think I've ever seen any really good solutions.

I have read thet The baby Whisperer recommended,"breaking the cycle" by gently waking the child slightly,so that they arent fully awake but in a lighter sleep at maybe 4 am which then supposedly makes then get back into a deeper sleep and then "miss" their usual waking up time of 5 am.

Don't know if anyone tried it or had success with it though.....

My DS just "grew" out of it as he got older.

zim Mon 18-Aug-08 21:24:15

hi, thanks we do have blinds AND black out curtains so it cant be that! Mind you, he does have a vent and we live near a very busy road going into the city centre so it could be all the very early morning traffic? Probably more likely to be his body clock. Don't DARE try the rousing thing yet until this 5am thing is well established (not 2 weeks ago i dreamt of this being a problem when he was a frequent night waker!)

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