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Advice - leaking

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nik76 Fri 04-Jul-08 11:19:20

Recently it seems most mornings I am finding the baby has a nappy that has leaked and I'm not talking wee!!!!

She's 14weeks old and likes to have her legs in the air and twists herslef around alot, so usually she's side on or completly turned round by the morning - no matter how many time sI correct her in the night. The problem is that when she wakes at around 7am (not getting up in the night now normally), her nappy has leaked all up her back. She's breastfeed and not used to waiting to be feed so if I take her to get cleaned up and changed she's starts to cry blue murder (hubby says I'm dringin him mad with the weird and wonderful songs I made upt o try and entertain her). Its even going through her sleeping bag half the time.

Has anone had the same problem or advice on how to fix it - she's in Pampers baby-dry 9-20lbs and weights 13lbs 10.5ozs.

thanks nik

crokky Fri 04-Jul-08 11:21:41

Tesco's own brand superfit nappies (size 3) are the best for containing leaks. I found this with my DS who had leaks from Pampers & Huggies. I have only ever used Tesco's on my DD (same age as your DD) and I have only had the occasional problem.

crokky Fri 04-Jul-08 11:22:25

I have now put my DD in size 4. They go from 15 pounds so if you have probs with size 3, try that.

ShortandSweet Fri 04-Jul-08 11:29:34

Pampers are well known for this. I never had that problem again when I changed to huggies.

nik76 Fri 04-Jul-08 17:18:17

thanks guys - I didn't know this about pampers

Seona1973 Fri 04-Jul-08 19:52:51

I havent had a problem with pampers but it probably depends on your lo's body shape. I dont like huggies as they cant cope with the amount of pee that ds does - pampers cope much better and are good for overnight. I did have a period when I used tescos own baby essentials nappies for overnight (green pack) but have now gone back to pampers baby dry.

nik76 Sat 05-Jul-08 05:38:13

Thanks everyone have decided to try huggies super dry will let you know

nik76 Sun 06-Jul-08 08:29:20

OMG - she woke for a feed at 6am yesterday and had to change her and the bed and she went back to sleep and when she woek at 9:30 guess what - had to change her and the bed again!!!!!

isaidno Sun 06-Jul-08 09:00:49

Tesco are the best disposables IME, and it is a good idea to go up a size for extra absorbency.

geordieminx Sun 06-Jul-08 09:14:29

what about a retreaale wrap over the top of disposable? Def try bigger size too. I have to say weirdky we have never had this problem.. Ds is 14 months and has NEVER done a poo during the night hmm

geordieminx Sun 06-Jul-08 09:15:18

clearly that should be reuseable.

nik76 Mon 07-Jul-08 12:39:52

Thanks geordieminx thats a good idea!!!

VicMac Wed 09-Jul-08 21:56:48

All Pampers as well as Huggies Super Dry leak when I use them on my daughter. Consequently she gets rashes. Huggies Natural Fit are the only ones that contain all the business!

mumblemumhome4lunch Sun 13-Jul-08 22:10:16

Would definately try a reuseable outer - Motherease are good, easiest place I've seen to get them is in Waitrose, otherwise on line. Ive used a mixture of reuseadble and disposable nappies on both mine and for breastfed baby poo definately found my Motherease birth to potty system best by far at containing it - and my first (boy) could have taken Olympic Gold for pooing, both number of times a day/night and volume shock.

With disposables, I found that if the nappy was quite wet ie when he'd been asleep overnight, then they are much worse at holding the poo. Have you tried changing her as late as poss - when you go to bed. Had a friend who used to do this, she was able to change hers without waking him, an artform I never managed to master.

Of disposables I tried loads and, like quite a few others it seems, found Tesco to be one of the best. Other one I would recommend, cheap as well, if Lidl, as theirs are really very very good.

serant Sun 13-Jul-08 22:28:26

I have tried pampers- rubbish!

Bf poo needs extra containing! I agree Tesco or Asda own brands are the best...

I have also used Aldi & Lidl , pretty good too.

nik76 Mon 14-Jul-08 05:44:49

Thanks ladies - I didn't like the Aldi ones as LO seemed to get nappy rash - although could have been something else.

Think I am going to try the tesco ones when current supply runs out, have just bought loads of huggies as on offer and not had as many problems. Also think getting a reuseable outer is a good idea - presume these are todays version of rubber pants???

Was going to get washable nappies once got over shock having actually having baby but haven't got round to it think best to wait to 6 months now as need a bigger sixe then don;t you.

NoBiggy Mon 14-Jul-08 07:26:38

I used Pampers new baby (yellow packet) - the only thing I found to keep poo under control. They only make it up to size 3 I think. (I used them as long as I could).

Superchilled Tue 15-Jul-08 20:14:29

I also had this problem with DD - found that going up a size in nappies helps (more space for the poo to get caught in????) ie if baby is the right size for a no3 nappy, buy no4s instead - looks ridiculous but usually sorts the problem out (until the next growth spurt, that is!)

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