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Insomnia (mine)

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NellyTheElephant Thu 03-Jul-08 06:06:55

I am going crazy from lack of sleep and just wondered if anyone has any insomnia tips??

I have two DDs (3 and 1), both are great sleepers and have slept through the night since they were tiny, so why can't I??? I go to sleep fine and have always slept well until morning, except that if anything wakes me up in the night that's it and I won't go back to sleep. Recently DD2 has taken to snuffling and squeaking a bit in her sleep, or letting out a cry. She doesn't wake up though. It's always around 3am (she obviously comes into a light sleep around then) and I wake up with a jolt and am then completely unable to go back to sleep. Here I am, it's 6am and I've been effectively up since 3.30am (tossed and turned until 4.45 then got up as it's pointless).

Help... maybe relaxation tecniques to help me get back to sleep? Any ideas??

I'm horrible when I'm tired and snap at the girls and DH non stop.

christiana Thu 03-Jul-08 07:18:02

Message withdrawn

jellybelly25 Thu 03-Jul-08 12:53:48

Ah it's awful. You really have my sympathies. My insomnia was linked to post natal depression (not that i'm suggesting you have that but anxiety/depression does often screw people's sleep up) but in general i am prone to it, and if ANYTHING gets in my head - a poem, a song etc, it will drive me insane and keep me up all night. Upsy bloody daisy here I come is the latest one...

I find I need a fixed bedtime routine (like a baby wink) which goes something like, switch off TV (AT LEAST HALF AN HOUR BEFORE BED). Write list of things I need to remember for tomorrow. Go upstairs, wash face, clean teeth. Have a small drinkof water, put hand cream on (sounds stupid but I often wake up with really dry hands and it drives me mad unti lI find greasy cream for them!) Do a puzzle/read a bit of a BORING book. Lights out, kiss dh. I take a long time to do all of this.

Then when I wake up if I can't get back to sleep and am just wriggling around I repeat most of that (fromo wash face) and it kind of resets me. Also have to have a calming song to sing over and over that won't irritate me, which should get rid of anything thats buzzing in my mind.


By the way i did go on an antidepressant specifically for the sleep and it did really help, then i came off them and like i say i am prone to it still, but i think it broke the cycle overall. It was called amitriptyline. Not everyone gets on with it though.

OneLieIn Thu 03-Jul-08 13:00:27

Hi Nelly - if it's any consolation I was up with you from 2.45am - 6.10am - once I wake up I cannot back to sleep. DS cried out and I woke up and that was it.

I wriggled and tossed and turned, I got up, I had a bath, I tried not to be stressed, I read my book, I did my embroidery, I counted my breaths (this used to be surefire years ago), tried relaxation, listened to my Ipod (this did help wave music and all) and finally just as I was thinking, well I might as well get up now, I fell asleepo!

It is really annoying - I know what you mean. I don't know what to suggest, but hope you have a better night's sleep tonight.

zazen Tue 15-Jul-08 23:44:23

I also have sleep issues - mine sad
I found that a loud fan (pointed away from me - I didn't want to be too cold) blocked out the noise that used to wake me up - any kind of cry - or the seagulls shrieking or whatever.

I also got an electric blanket, as if I got into a warm bed I'd pop off quicker. And if I woke up I'd put it on for a little bit to get myself all toasty, than turn it off again - I got a single one as DH sleeps hot.

Also I kicked Dh out of our bed for a while as he snores and mumbles, and it was waking me up!

Interesting about that AD amitriptyline jellybelly25- is that the one for anxiety also?

Here's to plenty of restorative zzzzzs

HumphreyCushioni Tue 15-Jul-08 23:52:03

It's exhausting, isn't it, Nelly. sad
I'm pretty much surviving on about three hours sleep a night atm.

Your DCs are much younger than mine, but I've found going out for a long walk with the children after dinner helps me get naturally tired.

It's just fitting it in with doing everything else that I find difficult.

I need someone to come in and switch my brain off at about 11pm.


vonsudenfed Wed 16-Jul-08 00:10:02

I'd like to switch my brain off, my racing pregnancy heartbeat and next door's dog...

HumphreyCushioni Wed 16-Jul-08 02:13:24

Haven't found my off switch tonight.

CoolYourJets Wed 16-Jul-08 02:51:48

zazen the marpac sleepmate is a brill white noise machine like a fan but no blowing about!

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