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This insomnia is really getting me down

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wrinklytum Wed 02-Jul-08 01:16:20

I just can't sleep.Its been like this for a while now.DP has been ill for about a year now.DD has severe developmental delay.I have a ds who is starting school soon and he was really tearful after his recent school visit.To cap it all have just had to take career break from job which I do love despite it being quite stressful.I feel I cannot carry on like this.Going slowly mad...have just watched feel good film in hope of trying to get brain tired to no avail.Aaargh.Just a whinge really.Don't want to go down the tablet route as sleeping pill hangover not needed.Help!!!

QueenyEisGotTheBall Wed 02-Jul-08 01:22:42

hello!! i am a closet insomniac (i go to bed and lie there for hours before dozing off finally). i am always posting on MN late at night and havent been able to find anything to help me sleep. APART from avent new mum pillow drops. i dont know whats in them but they are amazing!! i have ran out now (hence the late hour) but i need my 'fix' soon as 3 days surviving on 6/8 hours broken sleep is not conductive to a happy mummy during the daysmile toys r us/babies r us sold them last time i checked and also mothercare is where i bought my first bottle from!smile have you had your thyroid checked at all? an overactive thyroid makes you restless and unable to sleep.
if you need some boring chat i am here to help you off to sleep as you can see lol
xx ei xx

wrinklytum Wed 02-Jul-08 01:26:26

ThanksTBH I think it is more stress related due to everything thats going on.I have tried everything to no avail.DP is in hospital at the moment.I don't think its my thyroid.Will check out the drops.Thanks xxx

raffy555 Wed 16-Jul-08 19:58:19

Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear you are having such problems but just wanted to let you know that you can try another natural way. That's what I did when I was pregnant with my first baby and it really helped I wouldn't sleep for nights on end and it would drive me crazy. I couldn't concentrate at work, I couldn't enjoy being with friends and family, I lived on caffeine just to get me through the day. It was survival, not really life...and then I found a new natural way to sleep again. It is truly wonderful - I have my life back again. You can read more here... Good luck and best wishes, Sarahxx

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