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Nightmares in a 2 year old

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katzguk Mon 31-Jan-05 09:13:58

DD has had to nights in the past month where she has woken up going on about by tigers or lions coming to get her, we thought after the first incident that by placing her cuddly tiger in bed with her to scare away the nasty tigers had done the trick but last was worse than the first time. I didn't think 2 year olds had nightmares just nightterrors which they can't remember in the morning. DD quite definealty rememebers and can retell what happen in great detail.

Has anyone been through the same thing? any more suggestions? with baby number two due in june we really need our toddler sleeping well, which she generally does but when one of these nightmares hits well she inconsoleable.

Hulababy Mon 31-Jan-05 09:19:07

Not sure katzguk but DD also has nightmares AND night terrors. We just try and reassure DD at the time, and it normaly abates within the hour. Not great if you have another little one to look after I know.

TBH I am never 100% which is which as she normally has some recollection of being upset in the night, but can rarely remember the full details by the morning, only at the time. I assume the night terrors are the ones where she has her eyes open but isn't seeing us - she had one last night and it was horrid. She kept screaming at DH when he tried to comfort her

(hugs))) Hope she is okay now.

nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 09:23:20


my 2 yr old wakes in the night crying, having nightmares that there are spiders in her bed. i have to search the whole bed for her, looking down the sides, checking the blankets etc, checking the windows are closed, and after that she is happy.

i also got her a nightlight (a table top one, quite bright) and told her the spiders dont like the light

i also got her a nemo bedcover and said nemo would be her friend and keep the spiders away.

it has helped a wee bit, she still wakes, but goes back to sleep on her own if she is especially tired, although she has still told me in the morning there was a spider in her bed

hth and good luck

its such a shame for them when they are so little, i hope your dd is ok xxx

katzguk Mon 31-Jan-05 09:26:12

thanks both

she sleeps with the light on has doen since birth, she's always been afraid of the dark.

I guess we just keep doing what we've been doing and comforting her, she ended up in our bed last night because she just couldn't settle back to sleep and we all have busy days today, well work and nursery!!

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