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Gina Fordsters out there? Help!

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Pebs Sun 30-Jan-05 14:10:55

My DS is 7 mths and has been on the GF routines since 3 mths. I was sceptical to begin with but found that DS fit exactly into the routines and slept very well - until now! He has started to wake up after an hour of his lunchtime sleep and completely refuses to go back to sleep. I am aware that I should leave him to get himself back off otherwise he may expect the same treatment if he wakes in the night, but he cries until it is time to give him his next feed and I have to get him up. Is this teaching him that I will come and get him if he screams for long enough? He is one of those babies who are worse if I check on him, so although it is incredably painful for us both, I leave him to it and hope that he gets back to sleep. DS has been doing this suddenly for a week now and is always really grumpy by bedtime and obviously does need closer to 2 hours sleep over lunch. He goes to sleep well on his own and has just started to do 12 hours at night. He might have more teeth coming or could it be because I have started to introduce protein at his lunch? Should I get him up early or leave him and hope that he goes back to sleep? Confused and desperate!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 30-Jan-05 14:15:30

does he still have a morning nap? if so, maybe try cutting that.

There's no point in leaving him to cry if he doesn't usually go back to sleep - ds wakes after an hour sometimes and I just get him up. Sometimes I give him a 15 min late afternoon nap to make up with it - you have to use your instincts. With ds it doesn't affect his night time sleep.

As to why he's waking: could be teething, could be morning nap, could be anything really - could just be that he's not a perfect GF baby after all!

sasa15 Sun 30-Jan-05 14:16:17

My baby is 6 months and also in Gina Ford routine
but never slept more then an hour in the afternoon. sometimes only45 min...
I don't know any baby of his age sleeping for 2 they get older they will sleep less and less in the afternoon....
But we are lucky they all sleep at night for 12 hours....
I wouldn't force him to sleep more...
Little G has another 30 min. ..45min...from 4 to 4.45pm.....

he want to play more...or we go out for a walk..
he loves to go in the stroller...and seems to be good for them....


Amanda3266 Sun 30-Jan-05 14:17:38

Hi pebs,

There are people here who've done Gina Ford so I'm sure they'll give you more specific advice than me. I read Gina Ford but found it just didn't fit in with my baby. However, I'm sure I remember her book talking about the need for less of a daytime sleep as they got older and that the routine could then become more flexible.

Getting him up during the day shouldn't interrupt his night routine as he sounds as though he he has day and night well sorted. I know just what you mean about him being worse if you check on him as my DS was exactly the same and sometimes it was easier to leave him which was hard - so you have my sympathy. Would he go down after the next feed for a little while - or would that be too late? Seem to remember that Gina advises against too much sleep after 3pm.


SenoraPostrophe Sun 30-Jan-05 14:20:06

sasa - many babies need 2 hours or more. My dd still has 2 hours at 2.8

But here's a thought - could i be that he's sleeping too much at night to have a full 2 hour nap? If he's really tired by evening, it might help if you waker him a little earlier in the mornings. If he's just a bit grumpy then don't, obviously!

Amanda3266 Sun 30-Jan-05 14:26:54

Forgot to add that the teething could be causing some of the problems. If you're anxious about messing around with the routine -don't be. I really wanted to follow it and couldn't at all due to my DS's reflux and yet from 10 months he slept 12 hours a night (needed feeding little and often before)and still has a nap during the day most days which varies from 30 mins to 2 hours. During the day once he wakes I get him up and we have never had a problem at night because of this (except when he's ill).

In short - I broke every one of Gina's rules and DS still got there eventually. As far as I can see you'll just be tweaking the "rules" (can't think of the right term) a bit.


mummylonglegs Sun 30-Jan-05 14:36:05

Not worth feeling 'desperate' about Pebs, especially if he's sleeping a 12-hour night - you should read some of the horror sleep stories that come up on here! The trouble with GF is that people go nuts if their child doesn't follow the schedule. Try to relax a bit. You say he goes off to sleep well on his own so there's no problem there but you may cause a problem if you leave him to cry for long when he wakes after a sleep. He'll be anxious. I'd just get him up and if he gets very tired by late afternoon then let him have a short doze, it more than likely won't affect his night sleep.

Pebs Tue 01-Feb-05 14:19:58

Thanks everyone. We had dediced to get him up and give him a short sleep later on but DS surprised us again by staying asleep for the last few days! Bless him ) Isn't is amazing how such little people can create such HUGE feelings of guilt!

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