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Gina Fordsters out there? Help!

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Pebs Sun 30-Jan-05 14:08:48

My DS is 7 mths and has been on the GF routines since 3 mths. I was sceptical to begin with but found that DS fit exactly into the routines and slept very well - until now! He has started to wake up after an hour of his lunchtime sleep and completely refuses to go back to sleep. I am aware that I should leave him to get himself back off otherwise he may expect the same treatment if he wakes in the night, but he cries until it is time to give him his next feed and I have to get him up. Is this teaching him that I will come and get him if he screams for long enough? He is one of those babies who are worse if I check on him, so although it is incredably painful for us both, I leave him to it and hope that he gets back to sleep. DS has been doing this suddenly for a week now and is always really grumpy by bedtime and obviously does need closer to 2 hours sleep over lunch. He goes to sleep well on his own and has just started to do 12 hours at night. He might have more teeth coming or could it be because I have started to introduce protein at his lunch? Should I get him up early or leave him and hope that he goes back to sleep? Confused and desperate!

hercules Sun 30-Jan-05 14:13:25

Perhaps he just doesnt need to sleep for any longer. I would get him up but then I am not a gf fan and think all babies are different.

Catbert Sun 30-Jan-05 14:18:44

I'm sure there are GF mothers out there with more advice - but sometimes you have to remember that babies don't "know" the GF routine - only you do, and don't get bogged down too much in the (IMO) very strict ways she thinks you should enforce. It's great he settles well, but by now he already has the diff between days and nights figured out - so don't worry about going to see him in the daytime affecting his nighttimes.

If he's awake by 1pm, and won't resettle (fine IMO to leave for a while if only fussing) try putting him down for another nap at 3 - he might sleep that extra hour then - and as long as he is not asleep past 4 (if you're GF - then you are already comfortable about waking him from his naps) then he should still feel tired enough for bed at 6 - 6.30 and his daytime sleep should still "balance out" his nighttime sleep... IYSWIM? Even a short nap mid afternoon should just give him that extra boost to help him get through without falling asleep in his dinner or with his next feed before bedtime.

sasa15 Sun 30-Jan-05 14:28:25

oh yeah I think will be better having another nap around 3pm...4pm is probably to late...
but little G still sleep at night after that!!!

But I'll follow the 3pm nap from now on and see how he goes...

But definetely has to have one before dinner!!!!


hercules Sun 30-Jan-05 14:29:55

Is "G" the initial of your child's name or short for little Gina baby? Just curious.

sasa15 Sun 30-Jan-05 14:30:40

oh yeah is the initial of the baby name...

hercules Sun 30-Jan-05 14:31:07


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