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why can't I sleep?

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helsi Sun 30-Jan-05 00:39:55

3 nights this week I have been unable to sleep - like now for instance look at the time!! I can't work out why but I feel as though I have something worrying me but can't work out what it is.

essbee Sun 30-Jan-05 00:43:22

Message withdrawn

helsi Sun 30-Jan-05 00:45:49

Already tried- no luck. Been in bed earlier and read but dh came to bed and couldn't get to sleep with the light on so I came down started on here. Going on holiday tomorrow and couldn't be bothered packing today as so tired but looks like I will be just as tired in morning so rushed packing will happen and I'm bound to forget something.

essbee Sun 30-Jan-05 00:47:13

Message withdrawn

essbee Sun 30-Jan-05 00:48:13

Message withdrawn

jabberwocky Sun 30-Jan-05 00:48:46

Ohhh, I know how this is and feel for you. Have you tried Benadryl (diphenhydramine)? That plus a tylenol works wonders for me and sometimes you just have to do something to break the cycle.

Casmie Sun 30-Jan-05 00:58:52

Feel for you helsi... much the same this evening.

Have been thrown out this week with illness and odd nap times (me!) I think.

Agree with making a list - that's why I'm downstairs now - brain started humming with all the things I need to do in the next few days so thought if I came downstairs to write it all down that might help.

sallystrawberry Sun 30-Jan-05 01:09:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

essbee Sun 30-Jan-05 03:08:01

Message withdrawn

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