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Wind at night

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bagpussmice Sat 29-Jan-05 19:47:49

dd2, 15 mths, wakes up nearly every night at varying times, and when I go in to settle her (I usually rub her back) she farts like a trooper and then once it's out goes back to sleep.
I have tried keeping a food diary, but it doesn't seem to matter what she eats its the same.
HV says she should be able to expel wind herself at her age, but it's obviously causing her problems otherwise she wouldn't wake up and cry.
Any thoughts MN?

sasa15 Mon 31-Jan-05 08:47:40

My boy is 6 months and he use to do the same...
A friend suggest not to give fruit in the afternoon for tea...#

Just in the morning and lunch....

and it did work for him....

it seems to be the fruit is difficolt to digest in the night cause of fermentation of the sugar in the stomac...

So I only give vegetebles and carbo for tea.

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